Do Your Own Chevy Maintenance – Chassis Lube

Unlike those effete passenger cars with their sealed steering components, your one-ton Chevy van has grease fittings which will prolong the life of your suspension parts if lubricated at appropriate intervals. Unfortunately, that 18 year old kid down at Jiffy Lube probably doesn't know or care where all the grease fittings are – they're different […]Read More

An RV gathering of friends

Please do not call it a rally. There was no itinerary. No organized programs. And no nametags. We all made our own reservations and the only coordinated planning was letting the word out on our Roadtreking Facebook Group that a bunch of us were going to meet on a particular weekend at a particular campground […]Read More

Laura: The most important accessory for your RV

A while ago someone asked, on the Roadtrek Facebook page, about our favorite travel accessory.  I commented that it was my new mattress topper.  However, while it is a wonderful addition and I am sleeping like a baby, I have reconsidered.  On a long and uneventful drive, alone with my wandering thoughts. I realized how […]Read More

7 tips for using your Class B RV as an everyday vehicle

One of the great things about having a Class B RV like our Roadtrek eTrek is that it also can function as a second vehicle. I’ve used it to run errands, drive to and from meetings and work-related activities, church and – while Jennifer is shopping – a comfortable place to chill out while in […]Read More

Water Conservation in Your RV

One thing that will detract from your enjoyment of the wilderness is running out of water, especially when the nearest supply is far away. The camping location in the photo at left is perfect, except that the nearest source of drinking water is 25 miles down the mountain. Many novice RV users are dismayed to […]Read More

European RVs: A look at 15 different mortorhomes

RVing in Europe is booming as it is here in North America and for Class B motorhome owners, the European offerings are considerably more unusual that the touring coaches we see on our roads. The attached video from UK-based Motorhome and Campervan Magazine Editor Peter Graham shows us 15 different UK conversion vans. It’s a […]Read More

Cool mods to a Roadtrek: Screens and cabinets

We RVers love to share modifications we've done to our vehicles to make they fit our personal style. So it is with delight that a share a series of photos that show some very unique customizations done by blog reader Alan Shafer from Rockford, MI to his Roadtrek 2006 RS Adventurous. Here's Alan's account, followed […]Read More

Howling for Wolves in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

One of the reasons so many RVers love Michigan's Upper Peninsula is because of all the wildlife. And in recent years, the chance, albeit slim, of seeing a wolf has been at least a possibility that has made the place pretty exciting. For the introduction of the grey wolf into Michigan's Upper Peninsula is one […]Read More

RV Cooking on the Road – Menus and Food Prep

Last time I covered which food items I carry in my Roadtrek while we roam the country, following the good weather and seeing the sights. Now I'd like to let you know how I prepare it and what we do to keep the menu interesting. It's very similar to the way I shopped and cooked […]Read More

An RV visit to Michigan’s UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a small motorhome owner’s delight, with little bays, promontories, nooks and wilderness crannies to explore in the up-close style that Class B RVers prefer. We visit the UP in all seasons, several times a year. Our favorite was this past February when, on one of the 12 sites they plow at […]Read More

Cooking on the Road – Food Storage in Your RV

When we made the transition from a sticks and bricks house to fulltiming three years ago, one thing that didn't change much was the menu. I had wooed my beautiful bride with my cooking during our courtship – 30 years ago this July 4th for our first date she invited me over for dinner and […]Read More

Be on HGTV! Shop for an RV!

HGTV and Nancy Glass Productions have asked us to help get the word out that they are seeking shoppers for their RV show. Couples and families who apply and are chosen will appear on HGTV's annual RV special! It's filmed at America's Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania on September 11th through the 15th, 2013. […]Read More

Adding a Cell Phone Booster for my on-the-road RVing

One of the challenges of being on the road so much and doing a blog like this is being reliably connected to the Internet in a whole bunch of different places. I've been a huge fan of the Verizon Mi-Fi card and the network's strong nationwide footprint of 4G connectivity. It very reliably gives me […]Read More

Laura: Lessons learned while RVing

While driving across eastern Colorado the other day, I tired of the radio and turned it off.  The dog was asleep and not available for our usual, stimulating, one way conversation. Now, there is NOTHING in eastern Colorado along I-70. No farms or trees, no interesting landscape.  There, amazingly, aren’t many billboards. There isn’t even […]Read More

The Ultimate Predator: The Upper Peninsula Mosquito

I  started to write this last night from deep in the woods of the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was going to be such a perfect night. So we thought. From our USDA campspite at Robbin's Pond, there was probably not another human around for miles. Judging by the lack of tire […]Read More

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel

On top of the Bighorn Range in Wyoming is Medicine Mountain, desolate and nearly 10,000 feet high and only reachable during the warm summer months. And on top of it lies a mysterious and ancient Native American Medicine wheel that precisely predicts certain astronomical events. This is not a casual walk. It is 1 1/2 miles […]Read More

Modify Your RV for Fulltiming – Ergonomics and Comfort

I've covered the high-tech modifications I made to my Roadtrek when I set out to modify it for fulltiming – solar power, internet and TV satellite dishes, a big inverter and extra batteries, etc. What I'd like to do now is look at the little, low-tech things that are just as important but not as […]Read More