On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek

 On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek

On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek 1My wife Jennifer calls it our “tent on wheels.”
She means it in a nice way. “When the curtains and blinds are pulled, you can't even tell this is a motor home,” she just noted.
She's right. As I write this, we are really roadtreking in our Roadtrek, on the road and snugly ensconced in the very last of the 105 sites in the Oak Creek Campground in Walton, KY.
Can't tell you much about the place. It was very dark when we pulled in at 10 P.M., 325 miles from our Michigan home.
Our king sized bed is made, lights and water are hooked up. There's even cable TV… and Wi-Fi, which seems a little balky but nevertheless has been solid enough for me to be able to log in and post this.On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek 2
We weren't going to take the Roadtrek on this trip. Two thousand miles roundtrip just seems a bit too much for two RVing newbies. But after lots of encouragement from posters here and on the various RV forums I've been hanging out at lately, we decided to go for it.
I would't have done it were it not for the patient help from Alan, a fellow Roadtrek owner from New Hampshire who I met on one of the forums. He painstakingly gave me step by step instructions on all the hookups I needed to do and in what order in a series of emails and phone calls.
On the road with the first trip in our Roadtrek 3The only problem I have encountered so far is the anode pipe that goes into the hot water tank. I had a lot of trouble getting it in, something you have to do for summer use. Alan told me to use silicon tape on the threads, or something that sounded like that. I never knew there was such a thing, let along had any on hand. “It'll probably leak, then,” said Alan.
It did, all the way drown here to the Oak Creek Campground. I tried to tighten it but it has a huge nut on the end and none of my wrenches can get a grip.
I noticed one of those big truck stops not far from the I-75 exit I took to get here. Since they also cater to RVers, I'll stop by and see if they have the magic tape and a wrench that works. If not, I'll use the app I just downloaded for my iPhone that locates every Walmart in the country. Seems Walmart is the second home for RVers.
Other than that dripping anode pipe, I truly am a happy camper.

-UPDATE, Friday morning –

They sure get up and out early at the campgrounds. We heard the first rig pull out around 5:15 A.M. Still, our king sized bed was snuggy warm and surprisingly comfortable, so we slept in till after 7.

There was a heavy rain sometime last night but we never needed the heater on until I got up. I fired it up to make sure it worked and to take the post dawn chill off for Jennifer.Worked fine. As did our hot water heater.

Made my coffee and am now plotting out the day's route. On the way to and from the showers a little while ago, I talked to a couple of other overnighters I saw getting their rigs ready to move. Two of them were returning snowbirds, heading home to Indiana and Michigan in the big Class A motor homes they spent the winter in. Both are returning from Florida.

I've heard how the trip to Florida around this time is usually bumper to bumper with spring breakers down I-75 in spots. Guess the RV crowd is not your typical spring breaker. Except for a young mom tenting with three of her daughters from Ohio,  everyone else seems to be heading back north and well into their retirement years.

We forgot to pack a pan to cook our oatmeal in the Roadtrek. So breakfast looks like it will be Denny's at the truck stop. Not sure where we'll be tonight. Probably southern Alabama. We can't check into the beach house in Grayton Beach, Florida until after noon tomorrow.

So we'll mosey down the road a few hundred more miles into Tennessee and Alabama until some place catches our fancy. I'd like to get in  well before dark so we could have a campfire tonight.


Mike Wendland

Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at RVLifestyle.com. He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.


  • Sounds like all is going well for you Mike. And, my phone hasn’t rung all morning, so that’s a good sign. Looking forward to your next post.



  • Jennifer if you have any questions about the stuff the guys don’t usually care about – sent me an email. I am (or was) a hotel type of girl that has adapted very well to the Roadtrek and we have had some awesome trips over the past few years.


  • Hi Mike – good luck on your adventure… Gee, I wonder who coached your coach???!!! Lots of us RT’ers out there – always willing to offer up advice! And the tape you need is Teflon for pipe threads – about a buck at any of the big box stores. And sometimes a big lug nut wrench will fit on the anode rod to remove and then tighten. ST

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