I've been largely pleased with using my iPad to create a Verizon wireless WiFi hotspot for on-the-road Internet. Until this past weekend, that is,  when I basically went off-the-grid in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

While I have had 3G connectivity in the tiny town of Grand Marais, it seems to go in and out as the cell tower is stressed by a heavy load from smartphone toting tourists up here for the Fourth of July holiday. Same with the WiFi network in the Woodland Park campground where I' m staying. All 150 spaces are occupied and at any given time, a lot of people are online, thus degrading the whole system.

I understand  that most any other time, there wouldn't be so much wireless traffic. It's just this week over the holiday.

But the off the grid issues have me rethinking whether I need something more reliable. Anyone have any experience with satellite Internet?

Im going to need solid, reliable connectivity to file reports from far afield and when the normal 3G and 4g signals are not there, what is my alternative?