I really have come to start enjoying business trips now. I used to dread them. I used to feel like it was a huge burden coming. I would find any reason to avoid a trip. Some real, some imagined.

For me, I would feel like I had to always be “on” when on a trip. Whether I was with dealers or buyers or owners, you had to almost perform. Always have the right answer. And I can recall for about seven or eight years being exhausted at the end of the day of travel. Dining out even bothered me. I much prefer (and so does my waistline) my wife's cooking.

When I came home from a business trip — and I took 25 a year — it would be just a relief to sit in my recliner. Daisy comes over and crawls up in my lap, the kids pile around. My lovely bride sent me a plate of food and I watch a hockey game and we talk about what I missed while I was gone and and regret it.

What Changed?

But now things have changed. It was hard for me to nail down what changed and when. But I really started to enjoy coming out to meet folks, and spend time with dealers, and owners and potential buyers. And then there is that not very elusive group….Roadtrekers!

I just went to the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa and it is, of course, huge. We are but a small player in the huge show. But from the moment I arrived at 10 a.m. on Thursday, we were swamped with people. And there was a central theme to almost all of them. They all kept saying they came because of Roadtreking. It was rare if people didn't know of it. And they all wanted to. They were all Roadtrekers.

Roadtrekers don't all have a unit. They don't have to have a Roadtrek. I don't care, and neither do they. And I am blessed that they swarm me now whenever I dare to tell everybody where I am. Like Tampa. To my admitted confusion people endlessly thank me. They tell me how much they enjoy the Roadtreking site. They love Mike. And they love Campskunk. And they love all the video, and articles and podcasts and photography generated by the fantastic reporters Mike has gathered.

And it's always amazing to me how somebody who paid so much for one of my products would thank ME, for just being online. They actually seek me to tell me thank you for doing something I love to do. It's puzzling, but it's so humbling, as well.

I love traveling now. I love going, and meeting so many people and hearing the stories and ideas, and meeting the pets, and hearing about kids and grandkids. I love hearing the incredible bucket lists. I love hearing the new ideas that people use small motorhomes for. I love ending sentences in prepositions.

I love talking to folks who want a new unit so bad, it hurts. I love finding solutions to get people into one. I love the joy and excitement of people when they buy. And I love seeing them cry as they say goodbye to the old unit that they loved so much. We all become attached.

I love the new ideas we can put into the marketplace. I love hearing how people use the Etreknology. I love the arguments and the deals and the fun we have.

And then when it's done, I love coming home, and my little 9-year-old girl climbs up in my lap to tell me she passed her ballet exams with high honors, and shows me her report. And my boys pile in and hug me, even though they are man-sized, they squeeze like they missed me. And my lovely bride brings me a salad. 🙂 And I watch a hockey game.

And Daisy sidles up and gives me the look, and we have to make room for a 100-pound bulldog on my lap.

I love Roadtreking. This is a lot of fun. And I want to thank all of you for the opportunity to have this fun.

I identified it. The change happened when we all got together on this site and started enjoying the lifestyle together.

It changed my world. It's not a job anymore.