New Motorhome Showcase at FMCA Indianapolis Event

A highlight of the Family Motorcoach Association’s annual reunion each year is the new motorhome showcase and the 2012 event in Indianapolis generated a lot of excited buzz.

We spent most of our time looking at the Type Bs and a cool C.

Here’s our quick video tour of what caught our eye.

By the way…

The biggest lineup was for a $1.7 million Newell coach, which proudly boasts at being “the world’s most luxurious motorcoach.”

Now I know why I haven’t seen too many of these on the road.


3 thoughts on “New Motorhome Showcase at FMCA Indianapolis Event”

  1. Saw your session in Indianapolis and you did a gret job. What abojt Leisure Travel Vans and Pleasure Way? Seems like they have some pretty neat units, too. We didn’t see any at Indy and you only showed pictures of a couple of them in your teaching session.

  2. Richard McGarrity

    Larry and Debbie, I created and presented the “Transitioning to a Type B Motorhome” session at FMCA in Indianapois. Actually my presentation included 25 photos of non-Roadtrek Type B’s. Featured were several gas and diesel models from Pleasure-Way as well as Airstream’s Interstate, Winnebago’s ERA and Leisure Travel’s Free Spirit. Like you, I enjoyed looking at the display models of the Type B’s there including Roadtrek, Pleasure-Way, Airstream and Winnebago. I did not see any Leisure Travel dislay at FMCA. All had new innovations and floorplans which make Type B motorhomes even more attractive for touring, achieving economy and reducing stress while seeeing this great country.
    Richard McGarrity

  3. I thought the seminar that Dick McGarrity referred to was excellent. And John & Sally Hearne, along with Mike & Jennifer made compelling testimonies for making the transition !

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