Nana’s Surprise: Buying three new RVs at the same time!

 Nana’s Surprise: Buying three new RVs at the same time!

Jo Ann (we're not sharing her last name for privacy issues) loves her grandkids.

So much so that when she bought a brand new Leisure Travel Vans Unity for herself at the recent Super B RV Show in Phoenix that she surprised grandsons Jerry, 29, and Chad, 31, with brand new RVs as well.

When we heard about this, we had to get the video camera out and hear the full story.

What a delightful family. Talk about generosity. Such generosity that Grandma Jo Ann said she plans to buy a fourth new RV for her third grandson. She also has a fourth one but he's only 11 and will have to wait a few years, she said.

Jerry and Chad work together with their Mom in running a small wellness clinic in nearby Scottsdale. Both are single, with no kids and they love camping and the outdoor. Until their grandma, who they call “Nana,” surprised them with brand new LTV coaches, they were both in the process of converting old vans they purchased into campers. Now, they'll have their very own 2020 models.

Nana, who has worked as an interior designer and is  now retired and living on investment income, has obviously been financially blessed and says that spending time with family and enjoying the RV Lifestyle is here top priority. “I have wanted to do this for over a year and just kept waiting for this show,” she said. “I got the boys to come with me and they had no clue this is what I was going to do until we sat down with the salesman.”

Both Jerry and Chad said it all happened so fast that when they woke up the next morning they wondered if it was a dream. “We had to come back to the show to se if this was real,” said Chad.

“I took a bunch of pictures on my phone,” said Jerry. “When I woke up I grabbed it to see if the photos were still there and that I wasn't dreaming it.”

That's when Jennifer and I caught up with them, the day after they made the purchase and they were back for a second look.

Dean Corrigal, the rep for Leisure Travel Vans, said in the more than 20 years that he has been with the company,  he has never heard of one family buying three brand new vans at the same time. “This is amazing,” he said. “It never happens. We're blown away by it. What a wonderful thing for a grandma to do.”

The family expects to get the three coaches in late September and they are already planning their first trip – to Disney World in Florida.

If things work out, Jennifer and I will to stop by and visit them down there to update this story.

But for now, check out this video and see their new motorhomes as they tell us all about “Nana's surprise.”

Mike Wendland

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