Usually, there's nothing but sadness when a long family vacation ends. And as we watched our two sons, their wives and our grandkids pack up and leave the beachhouse we've shared on Florida's Emerald Coast for the past week, there indeed was sadness to see such a wonderful time come to a close late this afternoon.

But I have to say, I'm also excited to be leaving, because we will be returning to Michigan in our Roadtrek. That's Jennifer and me on Grayton Beach, where the Roadtrek has been parked. We're spending one more night at the beach house – six bedrooms, on the Gulf, and we're all alone now. We plan to get up early and be on the road st sunrise. I'm hoping we can spend two nights in the Roadtrek, making a non rushed drive back.

I drove into nearby Destin the other day to see about replacing the Roadtrek's  inadequate stock radio. I found several models with direct iPod/iPhone USB input for the audio books we like to listen to on long trips. But my hopes of having one installed while I was down here were not to be as it turns out, according to the Best Buy Geek Squad automotive audio installer I talked to I needed to also get some parts that had to be ordered online.

In case anyone else wants to do the same, here's what the Geek Squad guy said I needed:

  • A Metra Installation Kit fo 2003-2006 Dodge Sprinter Vehicles -Black – $35.99
  • A Scosche-Speaker Connector for Select Volkswagon Vehicles – $14.99
  • A Metra – Antenna Adapter for Select Audi and Volkwagon Vehicles.

They would charge me $5 for unspecified materials and $59.99 for in-dash, non-video labor. Why Audi and VW parts…I don't know. That's what the Geek Squad guy's computer said I needed.

All this is on top of the $159 HD Jensen radio I selected.

Good deal? I don't know. But I plan to order the parts when I get home and then take them to my local Best Buy for installation. Unless someone reading this has a better suggestion.