So much on the go, I thought it was a good idea to put my current bucket list on the table for me to visit, and for me to show and take my family.  I have seen a lot, some of which is not on the list anymore. But this list is one of the ones I want to target, and do in the next couple years.   I/we have an international list as well, and we will talk about that someday.

bucket-list-projectBut today, well today is the North American Bucket List.

We have to place the world in context. To do that, we have to see and experience new things.   If we expand our view, it is easier to understand others of varied backgrounds and experiences.   It is largely because the world is so much bigger than our small environments.  Life deserves us to see it, and we deserve to see it as well.

There are important places to visit. There are fun places to visit. There are significant places to visit.  Some are very powerful.  Some are very emotional.  Some resonate with us because of personal interests, family involvement, impact on history, and sheer fame.

But all of them are on the list for a reason that is only known to us personally.   To some, my list may seem mundane.  To me, the places and the ideas that come from them resonate.    And I am sure all of you are the same way.  Your list is your list.  And it is important to you.

So what is on Jim's list?  Well here goes:

1.   National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center –  I want to visit this memorial, which represents all the good folks that paid the ultimate sacrifice in this world changing event.   In modern times, there were two events of cowardly violence that changed our world forever.  Pearl Harbor,  and September 11, 2001.    My kids need to understand them.   It is critical to their proper context of the world they will live in as adults.  It is my responsibility to show them the events, and let them form opinions.

2.   Hawaii –   Both Michelle and I want to see as much as we can of this paradise.    Mostly, we want to lie on the beach.   So do the kids.  But Pearl Harbor needs to be visited as well, and an understanding of the event gained for the kids.   It changed the course of history.

3.   Montana –   I just want to spend time in this great state, and enjoy all the nature, and the lifestyle.    No rush, no plan.  Just see and do it.

4.   Washington DC – While I toured this great city back in middle school, there is simply so much to see here. Smithsonian, White House, Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Vietnam Memorial, the Capitol, etc,etc, etc. I flew over the immensity of the Pentagon two weeks ago, and it reminded me that I need to do bucket list trip here.  While other nations espouse that democracy began in those places, this place is it. Kids need to see it, and understand it. The rights, the wrongs.  The greatness of the place.   So much to learn, and see.

5.  Florida Keys – People always tell me how great they are, and I intend to find out.

6.   Green Bay, Wisconsin. –  I have been told by several people that a Packers game is an experience I will never forget.  So it's on the list.

7.   Gettysburg –   I can read and study all I want, I need to stand on the field and feel the place where history of the world was changed.  Tactics, incredible heroism in both victory and defeat.   The forging of a nation.    This is one that many people miss on the list of important battles/events.

8.   The Canadian Rockies –  I need to spend some time in my own mountains.  Real time, ranging across large areas with my boys.  This needs real time to do right.  I have done them in a different life, under different circumstances.  Now I want to do them on my terms.

9.   A Concert in Central Park.   –   I have for so many years heard and seen concerts in Central Park.  I want to go to one.  And live it.

Last but not nearly least…………

10.  The Grand Canyon   – It is on the list, and needs to be done, and done properly.     I think this one makes most lists, and is my attempt at normality.

And of course, the beauty of almost everything on the list?   Roadtreking.

I would like to know, what's the strangest thing on your bucket list?    Maybe you could comment on a few.  I love inspiration, and I promise I won't tell anyone beyond the 100,000 people who read this site..:-)