A Commentary on the Sate of Things…

I have been asked many many times to explain how I am involved with Roadtreking. And so, it would be a good idea to publicly explain some things. Maybe share a philosophy or an idea.

Journalist Mike Wendland began a quiet blog called Roadtreking back in March of 2012.

It was sent to me that someone was using our trademark and so I contacted him to ask him if he could change it. (Confusion happens when trademarks are used). Typical sort of contact in business, really. No conflict, just a chat.

Mike and I got talking, and he suggested we meet. We had numerous objectives that we have in common. He wanted to create a lifestyle blog that meant something to people. He wanted to share the lifestyle in a big way. Mike and Jennifer are great people who truly just care about others. That’s the kind of people I want to share my business and personal time with. The blogs and sites attracts that type of person as well.

My goals are typically to get more good people into the small RV side of things. I am happy to develop products and compete for business, and I truly believe that what we need to do is get the word out to people about the lifestyle, the opportunities it presents, and of course, the products.

And I really don’t want anybody to have to “pay” for membership ever, no matter what products they have or buy. I have some opinions (not everybody agrees), the “paid” membership in clubs is not working to grow the industry and spread the word, for one. They are shrinking. Secondly, we need a relaxed approach with no heavy duty unneeded rules. No intense “policing” of club rules. Freedom. No name tags and rosters. Ability to relax and participate at your desired level. A place where people can congregate online. And meet. A place of safety and support. An inclusive place. No hierarchy or titles.

As such, I agreed to sponsor the monetary needs and costs of the site and allow my trademark to be used. And then I have put some time in to become an active personal member.

My goals today with being involved with Roadtreking?

  • Enjoy the lifestyle and share it.
  • Meet people, help people, enjoy time with people.
  • Establish a higher standard for customer service in an industry that is truly evolving.

My favorite times are when we all as a group help someone out and we see them relax and begin to realize that they truly have a huge safety net.

And when people meet I love it. And have mini rallies and get-togethers. Or meet on the road. Wow. That’s what we were hoping for, Mike and Jennifer and I.

The key element to all this is you. You folks are great. Never change. It’s a pleasure to be part of something that is far bigger than a brand or product. Thanks to all of you for that.

– Jim Hammill