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Jennifer’s Tip: Take the condiments!

We RVers are always looking for ways to save space. Here’s one that I have heard from several different people that is worth passing on to you.

We all pack our refrigerators with condiments. Catsup, mustard, relish, perhaps steak sauce or mayonnaise.

Next time you eat out in a restaurant, look for those little individual sized condiment packages that so many places offer instead of having big bottle of catsup or mustard or whatever on the table.

Now don’t be greedy or obnoxious about it but take a couple of them with you for the RV. After a while, you’ll have a nice assortment. They store easily in a drawer, or, better yet, a small plastic container.

Because the individual packets don’t need to be refrigerated, they can be stored anywhere. Thus, you save valuable space in the refrigerator for food that does need to be kept cold.

That’s just a simple tip. But often simple is the best, right?

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6 Responses to “Jennifer’s Tip: Take the condiments!”

October 29, 2018at4:25 pm, Sherri said:

You can also buy smaller sizes and individual packets at

October 22, 2018at7:37 pm, Judy Kilhefner said:

You can also order these from

October 22, 2018at12:23 pm, Granny A said:

Read the condiment packaging. Mustard, ketchup, steak sauce and jelly (not jams) are all shelf stable. Condiment packs go bad, leak and don’t hold enough to even dress one sandwich or hamburger. If you only go for a couple days, pilfer packets if you want. I don’t steal condiments. Doesn’t sit right with me. You can buy packets of shelf stable creamer at most grocery stores and individual packs of condiments at restaurant supply grocers. Buying a cup of coffee doesn’t give you the right to walk out with 10 packs of condiments not used while dining. In my world, we call that stealing.

October 22, 2018at9:55 am, Barbara said:

any thoughts on shelf life of these items since there are not expiration dates on them

October 22, 2018at9:06 am, Dan said:

So THAT’S why there are never any condiment packs left at the restaurants. You RVers are stealing all of them. Shame!

October 22, 2018at7:42 am, Bill said:

My mom and dad always disagreed about taking these individual serviing condiment packages home. Mom would always collect a few. Dad, who ran a complex of restaurants, always scolded her for it saying “You didn’t pay for those. You paid for the condiments you had with your meal and taking additional packages is stealing.”

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