Happy Holidays from the Wendlands – Our last Ask Us Anything of 2018

 Happy Holidays from the Wendlands – Our last Ask Us Anything of 2018

We’re about to take a break for Christmas but before we do, we hosted our last Ask Us Anything live stream of the year on the RV Lifestyle Channel Sunday night and had a great time answering questions.

We talked about all sorts of topics, shared our plans for Christmas, gave a sneak peek of a post we’ll be doing later this week listing all of the Roadtreking Gatherings that we’ll be having next year and had a great time sharing our holiday cheer.

Ask Us Anything will resume January 6, the RV Lifestyle Newsletter will start up Jan. 7, the RV Podcast will be back Jan 2 as will daily new posts here on the blog.

We’ll be around social media from time to time during the break and, of course, if anything big occurs in the RV world, we’ll be right on it. But this will be the first official break Jennifer and I have taken in almost seven years and we’re looking forward to decompressing a bit, visiting with friends and family and getting away with Bo for a nice quiet boondocking campout in our new 2018 Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL at an undisclosed in the woods of Northern Michigan.

Here’s our most recent Ask Us Anything from the live stream.

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