A solo RVers lament: Food for one is not a lot of fun

 A solo RVers lament: Food for one is not a lot of fun


A solo RVers lament: Food for one is not a lot of fun 6When I was younger and married and well just about anything different than I am currently, I liked to cook, bake and make yummy things. It was fun. When I was married, Jim and I would make meals together and have fun playing in the kitchen.


Now that I am widowed and single, I have discovered that I want to spend as little time in the kitchen as I can get away with. Cooking for one is not as much fun. With that said, I know that I need to eat healthy and take care of myself. Although I love to go out to eat, I also realize that is not the best solution to the issue.

What do I do to take care of my eating needs on-the-road? Here are the facts as I know them.

  • If it is not easy I will not take the time to make it.
  • It is much more fun when I am entertaining, to pull out the recipes.
  • How often have I used my convection oven? Let me count the times on one hand.
  • Have I attempted any of MJ's delicious recipes? Nope. I drool when I look at them but have not put any of those delicious tidbits into action.

What do I do to maintain my health and eating, living full time in my rig? I am serious, if it is not easy I will not take the time. I can't even begin to tell you how much food has gone to waste since Jim's death over five years ago. I am learning what to take and leave behind. Really, do I need that exotic rice when whole grain rice is good enough?

A solo RVers lament: Food for one is not a lot of fun 7I am the one bowl meal queen. If I can make a meal in one bowl I am happy. This includes breakfast. So what do I do?  I eat two good meals a day and snack in between. Ever since I was in training to be a registered nurse it was pushed on us that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I love breakfast. It doesn't have to be exotic, just good.


  • Pre-cooked rice either my own or packaged, with greens and one egg stir fried in. Put it in a burrito or a bowl and I am set.
  • Fruit-I am the banana girl. I love bananas and they are a part of almost every morning. If not bananas any other fresh fruit will do.
  • Oatmeal in its instant organic form is good enough to warm and fill my tummy before I set off hiking.
  • I have a Nutribullet. It is one of the best items I bought after Jim's death. I love making smoothies. I can get all my greens in one sitting if I am smart about it.
  • Since I don't eat dairy it is always a little magical to try other milks-sometimes it goes on dry cereal or in my smoothie.

A solo RVers lament: Food for one is not a lot of fun 8Lunch is usually snack time. I often am off hiking or adventuring out. I will carry some Luna Bars, fruit and other goodies with me. A friend of mine who lives full time in her rig recently introduced me to the pictured product. When we were off hiking together we would bring one of these many flavorful packets, two spoons and it made a delicious healthy, vegan (she is vegan not me) lunch. I am glad I found these. I am also glad I met Peggy, she is a delight.


Dinner is my one bowl meal specialty. If I am not able to consume my dinner in one or two bowls then I am more than likely not going to even bother.

  • A solo RVers lament: Food for one is not a lot of fun 9My base is usually salad. I put vibrant, organic mixed greens in my dinner bowl and then I begin to add to it. Whatever is available at the time gets mixed in. Broccoli? check. Brusselsprouts? check. Carrots, tomatoes, avocado….? check. I will top it off with cooked rice or quinoa, flavor it with spices and I am ready to go. Oh wait minute-there is some chicken in the fridge, cut it and up and cook it with the rice and in it goes. The same goes for salmon. I usually use lime juice as my go to salad dressing. Did you know that lime juice pops the flavor of almost any food forward? I learned this while helping Jim find flavor during his chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
  • When I am somewhere, where I can find a good organic, hormone free baked chicken consider it bought. I will cut it up have a meal and then put the rest into freezer bags in sizable portions and I am ready for a few more meals down the road.
  • If I choose to have soup, I will add everything to my soup, well with the exception of the salad. I do however add spinach to soup. If it is in the rig and I think it is acceptable to put in soup, in it goes.
  • Sometimes I will stir fry the veggies add some cooked pasta with or without sauce and there is my meal. What do I stir fry with? I use olive or coconut oil, some interesting flavorful salts and other spices, curry comes to mind.

So there it is I will never be an exotic baker and chef in my rig. I marvel at people who can do this but I know that I will never be one of these magical folks. What I try to do is be as healthy as I can in my eating habits without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. It has worked for me. If I want exotic I take myself out for a meal.

A solo RVers lament: Food for one is not a lot of fun 10And, of course, dinner has to be topped with a taste of chocolate. I buy chocolate bars when I find a Trader Joes and put them in the freezer. Nothing welcomes the end of the day like a piece of dark chocolate with sea salt and other flavors.

Nothing Ends the Day Like a Good Taste of Chocolate.