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Fiona Ruins Campskunk’s Satellite Internet

The last few days have been really rough here in the campskunk household – Fiona the Fearless Kitty broke my satellite Internet. Well, she didn’t EXACTLY break it, but it’s all her fault. Let me explain.

This is how normal cats eat and drink. Fiona is not normal, and that is my professional opinion.

Normal cats drink out of a water dish down on the floor, next to their food bowl. It has always been this way. But that’s not good enough for Her Highness, she whined and carried on so much we put it up on the counter near the filtered water dispenser, so she could see the special filtered water going straight into the bowl.

This is Her Majesty’s preferred water bowl placement.

That was good enough for a while, then she started demanding ice cubes in her water. A dozen times a day, whenever she decided to take a sip or two. She drank so little water the level kept going up – the ice cube melt water was more than her intake.

Ice cubes. She wants ice cubes in her water.

Anyway, when I move a mile or two from one spot to another here on the Oregon coast, as the 12 hour maximum boondocking regulations require, I save time and work by putting the TV and internet satellite dishes inside the van on the floor, instead of disassembling them completely and storing them under the bed.  This all works fine, except when I forget to move Her Majesty’s water bowl from its special place on the counter. It falls off, and lands right on the internet satellite dish’s radio assembly – the head unit that contains the transmitter and receiver. I take it out, hook it up – nothing. So now we have no satellite internet, just the Verizon datacard, which works here.

This is the radio in question. I just call it a radio, but the Hughesnet people call it something fancy. It’s about $60 or so.

People wonder what you do if you’re a fulltimer and need to order stuff. The system we use is to first find a nearby UPS Store, FedEx store, or mailbox place who will do what we call hold for pickup – be a one-time, temporary delivery address to receive your package. Once you have emailed or talked to the local mail/shipping place and are sure you can do this, you go online, find whatever it is you need to order, and make sure the people you’re ordering from will ship to an address different from the one on your credit card. you have to put your name and phone number in the address as an “in care of” extra line so the store will know they’re just getting it for you to pick up. Then you get a tracking number for the package, follow it online as it makes its way toward you, and pick it up from the store when it gets there. They will usually do this for $5 a package.

The elusive new radio installed and being re-registered.

I order a new radio from some guy on eBay, he charges me $24 (!!!) to ship it USPS, I arrange with the local UPS outlet to receive it as a hold for pickup package – and it gets here with $4 postage due. I’m chasing the mail truck all over Gold Beach, trying to get my radio, which otherwise is going back to Ohio or wherever it comes from. Nice lady at the post office helps me, and I finally I get my radio.

The picture of innocence. Do not be deceived.

So now I install the new part, go through the whole reregistering rigamarole, and I’m back online. The monthly allotment for the datacard is shot – 9.5 gigs in six days flat, thanks to nonstop surfing by both of us just about all day.

And it’s all that cat’s fault. Anyone want a cat?


2 Responses to “Fiona Ruins Campskunk’s Satellite Internet”

July 01, 2016at8:56 am, Kathy Hedegard said:

Ha, I must try that…blaming my cat for my not remembering to put the lid on her kibbles & cap her water dispenser when I move the RV (a 2005 Great West Van Legend) and everything spills, making a huge mess. “It’s The Cat’s fault!”

June 30, 2016at10:57 pm, Jan said:

lol @ campskunk You’re trying to unload your wife’s cat AFTER you’ve just gotten through telling what a picky little pain and problem-creator it is.

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