FMCA free campground is a very nice perk

 FMCA free campground is a very nice perk

FMCA free campground is a nice perk from Mike Wendland on Vimeo.

FMCA free campground is a very nice perk 3Are you a member of the Family Motor Coach Association? While there's lots of benefits, here's one a lot of people are unaware of: A great, full hookup campground in Cincinnati that is absolutely free to members.

I pulled in the other night about an hour before sundown and shot a quick video.

I was one of four rigs there on perhaps the hottest day we've seen in the Midwest in decades, The temp read 103 as I hooked up. I cranked the air to full blast and, indeed, am writing this in a nicely cooling rig as the heart still shimmers outside.

It's meant for overnighters passing through. Two nights is all they ask that you stay without special permission. And, yes, before you leave, you can dump your tanks.

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See the temp? 103 degrees!

There are no shower facilities here, so you need to be self contained that way. But since most of the FMCA member staying here are in deluxe motorhomes, well, that's pretty much a non issue.

It's in a pretty rural area. There's a Wendy's about a quarter mile away. But that's it for places to eat.

Because the campground is unused many nights and sometimes they close a security gate, it's wise to call ahead (before 5 p,m.) and let them know you're coming. The phone is 800-448-1212. Accommodations pare on a first come basis.

The FMCA has two offices in Cincinnati. The campground is on Round Bottom Road, at the mail forwarding office. The main office is on Clough Pike, a 15 minute drive from the campground.

The water and power hooks (50 and 30 amp) were great, parking is on pancake flat cement and there's even Wi-Fi.

WiFi is a pretty essential part of overnighting  for me as my work is all online and, well, I can't work without an Internet connection.

By 9:30 p.m., the temperature was still 97 degrees outside. In my Roadtrek, the temperature was 72. I stuck my head out and met my campground neighbors. On the roof of Bob and Peg Colman's tow vehicle next door was the most beautiful cat I've ever seen, a calico named Matilda, who was as friendly as she was pretty as she surveyed her kingdom from the top of a Saturn.

I spent some  time visiting with the Colman's and their neighbors on the other side, Wade and Gail Greenisen, of Casa Grande, Az.

The Colmans, from Utah,  have been here several nights, which the FMCA allows when the campground isn't heavily used. I asked them what they did all day long.

“Piddle,” said Bob, telling me about museums and various attractions they've leisurely seen, like a railroad museum downtown. “Use your GPS. Ask it to show you museums. You'll be amazed at the interesting things you'll find in towns you'd otherwise pass right by.”

Wade, a former officer of the FMCA, said he and Gail were taking their time making their way east to Delaware. “One piece of advice,” he offered. “Don't buy souvenirs as you travel unless you have a rule. If something is added, something is removed. It can get pretty crowded in there.”

Here's a picture of Matilda.

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  • Thanks for the pic and the neighboring. Have a great time now that you are in your next endeavor. Look at North America from Alaska to Newfoundland and all the wonderful stuff you’ll pass on the way! Bob and Peg, Lilly and Matilda

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