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Here comes cold weather: I don’t want to stop Roadtreking for the season!

I love fall. The blue skies are more blue, the air smells clean and crisp and has no more of the sweltering heaviness of summer.

But it also makes me a little sad because, living in a northern climate like Ido, the approaching cold weather means it’s time to curtail my travel.

It means long stretches of RVing inactivity.

My Roadtrek eTrek last winter surrounded by snowmobiles in Michigan

Of watching snow accumulate on top of the Roadtrek.

Of having to winterize it.

Of sneaking out there, turning on the heat, and sitting in it, remembering the places we’ve visited, dreaming about the ones we will visit. Sometimes, I’ve been known to take a nap in my Roadtrek. In the driveway.

It’s not that we don’t use it in the winter. We do. Just not as often as we do in warmer weather, when weekend and short trips are easy and the roads are not snow-covered and slippery. A few times each winter, we break loose and head south.

Frost on the windshield means peak RV season is ending

Last year, I winterized the RV three times. We made winter trips to Florida, Alabama and Georgia and each time, when we returned from those warmer states, we had to pump antifreeze back through the system again before getting back to Michigan. Once, I worried the pipes froze when the temperatures took an unexpected sudden drop in Louisville, KY.

They didn’t. But it was close.

I’m planning on monthly trips  this winter, too. We plan to again visit Georgia and Florida, maybe the Texas Hill Country and the desert southwest. And we will do some winter camping again, like we did last year when the temperature at Tahquamenon Falls dipped to minus eight degrees and there was 28 inches of snow on the ground!

But those trips will not be as extensive or frequent as they’ve been since April, when we really began our travels in ernest.

Its enough to make me want to move and find a new place with a heated garage. That would be nice, huh?

I know this: I don’t want to stop Roadtreking for such a silly thing as winter.



17 Responses to “Here comes cold weather: I don’t want to stop Roadtreking for the season!”

October 01, 2015at3:12 pm, Audie Notes Notes said:

I am intending to use my RV at anytime on winter and intending to have water heater installed.
I am asking if anybody had done this? Does it void my warranty if I have it installed? Any roadtrek version of this? Does anybody has other any other suggestions?

February 22, 2015at3:08 pm, Orenokoto said:

“Frost on the windshield means peak RV season is ending…” And, “Last year, I winterized the RV three times.”

Boys, this just ain’t right! These Roadtreks should have the pipes/tanks insulated, heated and located inside the heated area! I mean, think about it. It just does’t make sense for any RV to have to be winterized. I know pipes could still freeze if parked at our houses, but you’d think Roadtrek would at least have built in heating wires or some such on the water pipes and tanks. Hey, y’all boys are located in Canada, for weeping in me coffee cup (I’m tired of the old “crying out loud”).

October 29, 2014at8:32 am, Terry Sheila Spellane said:

I miss my snowmobiling days.

October 29, 2014at7:19 am, Mac Mcdonald said:

Wouldn’t you rather be on the beach

October 23, 2014at9:13 am, Peter Liller said:

I crank up my traveling when winter sets in. Will be setting out soon for 4 months from the east coast with snowboard, golf clubs and hiking boots in tow!

June 06, 2014at12:13 am, Ginny Dugan Evans said:

Can not believe you are posting snow …lol doesn’t Lake Michigan still have ice???? brrr…well you enjoy that thought….

June 06, 2014at12:03 am, Murielle Hardy said:

Une belle combinaison !!!

January 03, 2014at12:17 pm, Léo Lalancette said:

I start ( on the trails ) directly from home so I don’t have to use my camper we have 3700 km of trails so you bring saddle bags and travel from city to city SUPER last year 9000 km this year ??? The trails are hawsome and link together from one place to another Quebec has the only system that operates that way thanks to volontaires who give their time to make this happen.

January 03, 2014at10:45 am, Lisa Ehrlich said:

That’s the whole point of having some kind of motor home or trailer. Camping year round

January 03, 2014at7:23 am, Don McLaren said:

Here is what we have here not much but to the southerners it stop all traffic. And stay home

January 03, 2014at7:06 am, Scott Miller said:

David Miller lets roll

January 03, 2014at7:01 am, Carl Muise said:

Love it!!! Sleds and RV’ing!!!!!

September 29, 2013at8:41 am, Mike Wendland said:

We go that way a lot! Like the idea of an “RV building!”

September 26, 2013at10:47 pm, Skinny Badger said:

Mike, if you are coming through the Chattanooga area this winter, feel free to stop by and stay in our guest room (hot showers) and put your rig in our RV Building. My gift to you for sharing your experiences on Roadtrecking. We don’t live to far from the Camping World in Ringgold, GA. We’ll leave the light on for you.

September 26, 2013at12:39 pm, les shanteau said:

Question. if it was in a heated garage, would you still need to winterize if you were leaving and driving south in 0-10 temps?Or would you be ok as long as you were running down the highway until you reached above freezing temps?
Did you do yours or have it done? If you had it done on the road where did you have it done or how did you find a place?

September 26, 2013at12:26 pm, Judy said:

What do you have to do to winterize the RV?

September 26, 2013at11:59 am, Lisa said:

Man, all that winterizing! It’s a pain but worth the travel, huh Mike?

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