Tom and Patti Burkett

Patti & Tom Burkett spend months of the year wandering the back roads and parks of North America between stints at their home in central Ohio. No fair weather travelers, they'll go north in the winter and south any time of year. She's the photographer, he writes, and together they sing, bake, explore, and start conversations.

I-80 Adventures Off the Beaten Path

Have you traveled I-80? Usually, Tom and Patti Burkett write our Off the Beaten Path Report - but this week their daughter Anna said that she had a trip on I-80 she wanted to share with everybody. So here it is! Anna and her friend Chris have this week's report. Read More

In Liberal Kansas -Dorothy’s House is Off the Beaten Path

This off-the-beaten-path report from Tom and Patti Burkett takes us to Liberal Kansas and Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz. Plus camping in the area and more sites to see. Lyman Baum, who much preferred to use his middle name Frank, was a sickly child. Growing up on an estate in New York, he […]Read More

Florida’s Fort Mosé – Off the Beaten Path

“With both of us hailing from relatively Northern states, we’ve been getting a steady education on the history of the American South as we travel there.” –  Tom and Patti Burkett   In New England and the midwest, the settlement and war history involves mostly England, Scandinavia, and Northern Europe.    In the South, the […]Read More

On the Natchez Trace – Historical French Camp

Patti and Tom Burkett are regular off-the-beaten-path reporters for the RV Lifestyle. This week, they take us to the Natchez Trace and historical French Camp, LA  This is a story that starts with Louis LeFleur, who was born in a settlement near Fort Condé on the Gulf of Mexico.  As a young man, he operated flatboats […]Read More

Trainspotters Off the Beaten Path in Folkston, Georgia

One of the more unusual city parks you’ll find is in Folkston, Georgia. Trainspotters you say?   There’s a shelter, a bunch of picnic tables, a barbecue grill, clean public restrooms, and interpretive signage. What’s unusual about it is that it sits right alongside a very busy set of railroad tracks. And the shelter is […]Read More

Ohio’s Early Television Museum – Off the Beaten Path

Our Off the Beaten Path Reporters Tom & Patti Burkett take us to the unassuming but fascinating Early Television Museum near Columbus, Ohio. On a backstreet in an ordinary small suburban town in Ohio, there’s a steel commercial building like a dozen others nearby. Except it’s not like them at all.   Walk through the unassuming […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: A Little R&R and Guitar in AR

It p[ays to ask the locals when you're looking for interesting off the beaten path attractons. Take the time I stopped after dark at the city park in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. There were all-night bathrooms with showers and electrical hookups, but no signage at all about rules or fees.  It took most of an hour […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: Piper Aviation Museum

One of the reasons we love our Roadtrek RV is that it’s useful for so many things beyond traveling. We’ve used it to haul lumber home for a project, and the big rear bed to transport wedding dresses to a church.  We like to think of it as our RUV, recreational utility vehicle. So we were […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: New Vrindinban, West Virginia

In 1959, a young pharmacist in India gave up his family, his business, and his professional life for the sake of a religious vision. Over the next decade he studied scriptures and began writing commentaries. His work became the foundation for the international Society for Krishna Consciousness, known in the U.S. as the Hare Krishna […]Read More

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