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New Mexico Annual Camping Pass [Good in all State Parks 2021]

One of the sweetest deals anywhere is the New Mexico annual camping pass. It's good in all New Mexico State Parks An Annual New Mexico camping pass for all the state parks? Yep, all the camping you want for a flat fee. A few states sell annual camping passes, but nothing beats camping in New […]Read More

Water Conservation in Your RV

Water conservation in your RV is very important if you are going to enjoy boondocking. One thing that will detract from your enjoyment of the wilderness is running out of water, especially when the nearest supply is far away. The camping location in the photo is perfect, except that the nearest source of drinking water […]Read More

6 Super Easy Tips on How to care for RV Solar Panels

We're often asked how to care for RV solar panels and what we have to do to keep them working. The answer is… hardly anything. They really take care of themselves, pretty much. I'm not the sort that likes to do unnecessary maintenance. So when it comes to solar,  all I do is clean them […]Read More

Enjoy Cooking on the Road – Food Storage in Your RV

This “Cooking on the Road” article originally posted in 2013 by Guest author Campskunk – Updated in 2021 When we made the transition from a sticks and bricks house to fulltiming three years ago, one thing that didn't change much was the menu. I had wooed my beautiful bride with my cooking during our courtship […]Read More

Spectacular Dispersed Camping in National Forests [for 2021]

If you are looking for a spectacular way to camp without the crowds and expense of commercial and overcrowded campgrounds, try dispersed camping in National Forests. If your camper has good boondocking capability, you'll find this the ultimate form of true boondocking There are no hookups, no designated campsites, no firepit, picnic table, or anything […]Read More

Using a house sewer for RV Dumping

Visiting family but need to empty your RV black tank? It is possible to use a house's sewer clean-out for dumping. Here is how. Remember that scene in the Christmas Vacation movie where Cousin Eddie emptied the black tanks of his Class A wreck of an RV into the city sewer outside Clark Griswald's house? […]Read More

The 2021 Federal National Parks Senior Pass – America the Beautiful

Hands down, the best value in the RVing world is the National Parks Senior Pass, officially known as the America the Beautiful Pass [Note: This article has been updated for 2021] One of the consolations of old age is the America the Beautiful Pass, which like most Federal entities has undergone a name change – […]Read More

How to Do Your Own Chevy RV Maintenance – Oil Changes

(NOTE: This is a post originally filed here by Campskunk, a fulltime Class B RVer who, at the time, drove a Roadtrek campervan on the Chevy chassis. Since that was such a popular chassis for RVs and many are now looking for used ones, we thought an update to this post would be helpful for […]Read More

RVing and boondocking in inland California

This year we're making a point of visiting inland California, in contrast to our usual dash to the Pacific Coast Highway, which we have done for six of our eight years of fulltiming, missing only the summer we spent at the Roadtrek factory helping build this Roadtrek, and our summer in Europe. This year we […]Read More

Camping in the Caldera – Our Volcanic Adventure

Well this is exciting – as we have moved north up the eastern side of the Sierras past Yosemite, we have entered the Long Valley Caldera, the remnants of a supervolcano eruption 760,000 years ago that blanketed the entire region with pyroclastic flows and volcanic ash as far east as Kansas. Yellowstone gets all the […]Read More

The Beekeeper of McElvoy Canyon

Whenever I get somewhere interesting in my travels, I start Googling around to look for information on the local situation in terms of history, geology, and whatnot. With the Internet at our disposal, there just isn't much excuse for seeing places and not knowing what you're looking at. Sometimes this Googling around leads me down […]Read More

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