Roger and Lynn Brucker

Roger Brucker and his wife Lynn have been Roadtrekkers since 2009. Both are retired, Roger from a Business-to-Business advertising agency and from teaching marketing for 25 years at Wright State University, Dayton, OH. Lynn is an electronics engineer, retired from the USAF Research Laboratory. Roger has authored or co-authored five books on cave exploring. They are cave explorers, kite flyers, and have four Standard Poodles. Their home base is Beavercreek, OH, a Dayton suburb. “We’ve done a lot of camping and long distance tandem bicycle riding, including an unsupported San Diego to St. Augustine ride in 2000,” said Lynn. Roger says, “But we love our 190 Popular Roadtrek because we can go anywhere on a moment’s notice, and stay off the grid for a week.” They are known to many Roadtrekkers for contributing ideas and suggestions on the Roadtrek Yahoo Forum and Cyberrally. Some of their modifications to Red Rover, their Roadtrek, are documented at

Road Emergency! Can you prepare for the worst?

It is Thanksgiving travel season and as we prepare our Roadtrek for a trip, we worry about the heavy holiday traffic.  Earlier this year, on the same stretch of road we will be driving this weekend (called the Valley of Death by a worker at a truck stop along the route), we saw a horrific […]Read More

Winterizing Part 4: Black & Gray Systems

This is Part 4 of our series on winterizing an RV. Part 1 covered draining the fresh water system, Part 2 was bypassing the water heater, and Part 3 was running antifreeze through all the fresh water lines. Now that the fresh water system has been winterized with antifreeze, only a couple things remain.  If […]Read More

Winterizing: Part 3 – Antifreeze In Fresh Water System

Note: Third of four parts. In Part 1 we drained the fresh water tank and the water heater. In Part 2 we bypassed the water heater.  Also, some blow out the plumbing with compressed air.  Roadtrek Corporation advises against doing this. In this part we look at the fresh water system.  And when it comes […]Read More

Winterizing: Part 2: Water Heater Bypass

Note: This procedure assumes you have a Suburban Water Heater.  In Part 1, we drained the water heater and the fresh water tank. Winterizing is much easier if you have a water heater bypass. If you don't have one, we highly recommend adding one. It not only simplifies your life, it saves you the cost […]Read More

Roadtrek RV Winterizing: Part 1 – Draining tanks

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the time to start winterizing our RVs. And when it comes to Roadtreks, it seems there are as many suggested ways to winterize as there are Roadtrek models. Lynn and Roger Brucker have put together a four-part series for us that applies specifically to their 1995 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Popular. Now […]Read More

Checking the Oil in your RV’s Onan Generator

If your Roadtrek is equipped with an Onan 2800/2500 there are a few things you should know how to do. One of them is checking the oil level. Many Onans have a low oil cut-off sensor to prevent them from running if the oil is low. So if your Onan will not start or it […]Read More

Ahhh! How to Get the Perfect RV Water Temperature Without Wasting Water

One of the challenges of showering in the camper is adjusting the water temperature for your shower.  It seems that we always end up wasting a lot of water trying to set the temperature.  At four (navy) showers per gray water tank, we can’t afford wasting water adjusting the temperature.  There is an easy solution.  […]Read More

My Ice Cream Won’t Fit! On the Road RV Freezer Defrosting

About the 3rd week of a road trip we begin to have problems fitting stuff into the freezer.  It has been slowly filling up with frost for weeks.  But when the cartoon of ice cream doesn’t fit anymore we are desperate to fix the problem!  We dreaded doing this on the road, but on our […]Read More

Unplugged: How much power am I using?

Blaaaaaaaaaaah!  We woke up to the shriek of the propane detector at 5 am in a parking lot outside a completely full campground on Natchez Trace.  We had arrived exhausted after changing a flat tire – in the rain – very late the night before and found no available campsites.  It was an unpleasant way […]Read More

What’s your Roadtrek Really worth?

It is said that the value of anything is what you can get for it. Most of us don’t look to sell our Roadtreks, but I admit my wife and I read the “For Sale” ads on RV sites..  I for one feel smug when one is offered just like ours, but at a considerably […]Read More

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