Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson is a photographer and writer from Missouri and loves to travel in her Roadtrek RS Adventurous motorhome with her dog Ruka. She's also a naturalist and birder and says she plans on touring until she can't see over the steering wheel.

An unexpected joy of RVing: My new Roadtreking family

  It’s coming up on the 2 year anniversary with my Roadtrek RS Adventurous,  “Olga” (which stands for Old Ladies Get Around).  I’m planning on celebrating with a toast and some high calorie cake for me and a bottle of  winter diesel additive for Olga.   She has changed my life in ways I never imagined. […]Read More

Horsing around with my RV

Horses are not my specialty.  A couple of years ago I took my nieces to a dude ranch in CO.  While it was fun and the food amazing, I only rode in the mountains one day. The rest of the time I took lessons in the indoor arena. I wasn’t a great student; my horse […]Read More

Cycling with an RV

  Meet Cindy. My cycling fiend- I mean friend. She is all about pro cycling. We watch the Tour de France every year, but in between, she watches all the other big races and knows every statistic and name out there. You could say it’s her passion, but it’s more like an obsession! Her husband, […]Read More

Pondering while Wandering

It’s hard not to notice things when traveling.  A few jump out and practically hammer you upside the head like national parks, storms and wonders of the world. A lot of the time, though, it’s the small, weird and unusual, or just the difference between here and there (wherever you are) that can make a […]Read More

Stop and Smell the Sage

The last few years, I’ve driven out west several times. In fact, I just did recently.  It’s a long drive from Missouri.  Many folks say it’s boring, monotonous and don’t like it.  Truthfully, I don’t just drive across- I stop often and linger, sometimes for days, because I am in love with a landscape that’s […]Read More

At the Oregon Meet Up

  I left KC 6 days ago and drove like mad, across 4 states to Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. It’s just below Portland in the Santiam state forest.  I usually don’t like marathon driving, but I did 33 hours and 1, 846 miles in 4 days.  Why, you may ask?  It was to […]Read More

The Journey

It’s the journey, not the destination… Although, this time, it’s both.  Ruka the Wonder Dog and I are headed to Silver Falls State Park, Oregon for a get together of 50 Roadtreks and to see my friend Ginny.   I am only taking 4 days to get there from Kansas City so it’s a lot of […]Read More

An RV Trip to go River Paddling

I was sitting around last week, thinking, “Hey! I don’t really have anything planned the next couple of weeks, how about a quickie trip up to Iowa or something?” Then I got an email from my friend, Barb, who is an expert canoeing fiend from way back, inviting me on a trip to the Buffalo […]Read More

A Wee Home

Compared to my sticks and bricks home, as fellow Roadtreking blogger RT Campskunk likes to call them, my RS Adventurous is a tiny bit smaller.  There is no guest bedroom or bath.  No den, mudroom or attic.  No island in the kitchen.  No gables, widow’s walk or walkout basement. I can’t send kids to their […]Read More

RVing Peeves

Please copy and post at every campground, RV park and gas station! You know who you are, yes you, the inconsiderate. You naughty narcissists. You rowdy weekenders. We’ve got some issues here: -Barking dogs in the campground. We don’t get this one at all. It doesn’t sound cute, funny or anything but nerve wracking and […]Read More

12 Tips for Better Vacation Photos

My camera makes me more observant when it's in hand. Plus, I forget the little things, like that pretty boat in the harbor, the nice lady at the museum or the name of that restaurant. So I snap a photo for my memory bank.  I shoot people, buildings, scenery… whatever catches my eye and helps […]Read More

12 Tips for Women Traveling Solo in an RV

Aren’t you scared? You are so brave! Do you carry a gun? You go all by yourself? These are the most common things I hear and am asked when I meet someone while traveling in my Roadtrek Class B motorhome or when I tell folks about my trips.  People are often astonished that I frequently […]Read More

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