Jennifer Wendland

Jennifer Wendland travels North America with husband, Mike, in a small Motorhome. She has worked with Mike as a television producer and traveled extensively all over the world. She is a self-described "gym rat," enjoying fitness and exercise wherever she goes. She is a certified Water Aerobics instructor and has taught large group classes in leading health clubs for more than 20 years. She and Mike have three grown children and seven grandchildren. They travel about two weeks out of every month. When not on the road, they live in southeastern Michigan.

In our RV kitchen, we bring as little as possible

This is the time of year when people are shopping and buying their RVs. That means they are also buying the things they need for that RV, like pots and pans and plates and silverware. When I meet new RVers, one of the first questions I usually get is how much of all that do […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tip – RV Travel Map with State Stickers

If you are like Mike and me, you love keeping track of the different states and Provinces you visit in your RV. For us – since we started our RV travels five years ago – that works out to 39 different states. I’ve seen folks who have maps on their RVs that show where they’ve […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tip: Carry an Extra Serpentine Belt

My tip this week is about being prepared for emergency repairs while on the road. I share it because of an experience we had earlier this year. We were in hot and humid Florida and navigating stop and go heavy traffic around Destin, which was getting very crowded with vacationers flocking to the area’s beaches […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tip: Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer for Your RV

My tip this week is about the one device in our RV we probably use more than any other device or appliance. The clock! Specifically, a very handy wall clock. We use the SkyScan Atomic Digital Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature. We got it on Amazon for about $80. There’s an outdoor sensor that […]Read More

No more pain in the butt

Let’s face it, sometimes those long drives in our RV to get to all those great places out there can be…. Well, a pain in the…. Glutes. Both Mike and I have had it. And while our Roadtrek seats are very comfy and have great lumbar support, all that sitting puts a lot of pressure […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tip: Attract Hummingbirds to Your RV

One of the most enjoyable things we do when we travel is feeding the birds. Hummingbirds, to be specific. We love these little wonders. Hummingbirds are found only in the Western Hemisphere, from southeastern Alaska to southern Chile, although most live in the tropics. There are more than 300 species of hummingbirds, 12 of which […]Read More

A Little Extra Help in Staying Warm in your RV

Since we've been talking a lot lately about winter camping, let's talk about staying warm. Sometimes, when it’s cold outside, you need a little extra help for those cold nights. The solution for us was to pick up a small ceramic heater. The one we have is the Lasko Model 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater. […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tip: Accessories for the RV Bathroom

In an RV, space is at a premium. And no where is that more true than in the bathroom. There isn't a lot of room there for extras. But we've added two little items that, to me, are great accessories. The first is a very handy retractable 8-foot long clothesline we found on Amazon for around […]Read More

Merry Christmas, Roadtrekers

We come in all sizes, ages,  colors and from different cultures, states, provinces and countries. We drive different RVs, have different political beliefs and lifestyles. But we are united by our mutual love for travel, adventure, the outdoors and the Roadtreking Way of Life. We are a community. A family. In a world in which […]Read More

Spritzing Up Your RV with Lavender

Lavender. Just the word brings olfactory recall, doesn't it?  Such a pleasant smell, such a pleasant flower. While we were RVing in the Pacific Northwest last summer, I saw a notice in a local publication about a lavender farm that invited visitors. I had the GPS programmed before Mike could say, “where are we headed today?” The […]Read More

RV Travel Tip: Take back up meds

What Mike didn't mention in his post the other day about getting ill on an RV Trip is that there were other health-related complications on that trip to Naples. Nothing serious, mind you, but something that caused some unnecessary confusion and taught us a lesson about having back up plans. It turns out that I […]Read More

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