Ask Us Anything : Travel Update and your questions

 Ask Us Anything : Travel Update and your questions

Our latest Ask Us Anything live broadcast on our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel sure was fun last night. We caught the audience up on our crazy travel season, shared a short video clip on why Jennifer and I decided NOT to kayak down a whitewater river in North Carolina and we had fun showing off a pencil drawing our granddaughter, Hua Hua, did of our dog Bo and her plans to do sketches for RV owners of their dogs and RVs.

Oh yeah, I also showed some photos of me zip lining 350 feet above the ground on a mountaintop. But mostly, as usual in our Ask Us Anything Sunday segment, we answered your questions about the RV Lifestyle and had a ball interacting with you. We’ll have a full video coming in a couple of weeks about that Roadtreking gathering we just came from down in the Smoky Mountains. But last night we had some fun talking about some of the highlights.

All this was as a very impatient Bo kept running in and out of camera view as he was trying to get us to shut up and take him for his nightly walk.

Here’s the recorded version of you missed it.

We also announced our new video schedule, with four new videos now coming each week.

Starting tomorrow, look for a Quick RV Tips segment every Tuesday that, in just a minute or two, offers up some insight, tips, tricks or hacks tat make the RV Lifestyle a little more fun or efficient.

On Wednesdays, whenever possible, we’ll have a video version of our podcast interview of the week.

On Thursday’s, it’s our main video, an in depth look at a bucket list destination or RV adventure.

And then every Sunday evening at 7PM Eastern Time, well be live on YouTube answering your questions and having fun.

The best way to be notified of the videos is to subscribe to our RV Lifestyle Channel. When you do, hit the little bell icon to be alerted when new videos are posted.

Mike Wendland

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