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Another Reason We RV: The Sheer Joy of Driving

“Not all those who wander are lost,” so wrote J. R. R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings. It is so true when it comes to RVing. We love to meander, to take roads less traveled, off the Interstate. But even the Interstates are fun, especially out of urban areas.

As Jennifer and I have wandered North America over the past three years, we have realized something that surprised us.

We have an absolute joy of driving.

South Dakota MountainThat is so weird for me to write because when I commuted to and from my job in Detroit from my suburban home for more than 30 years, I hated driving.

But in our small motorhome, I love to drive.

So does Jennifer.

We’ve tried to explain it to people. Their eyes sort of glaze over.

So, we figured, maybe if we took them along, virtually, they’d understand.

So, a couple years ago on a trip west when we were only about a year and a half into this lifestyle, we made this little video that shows just why we love to drive our RV and why we have rediscovered the joy of driving. See if you agree.

How about you? What are your favorite drives?


6 Responses to “Another Reason We RV: The Sheer Joy of Driving”

February 03, 2015at8:35 am, Kiki Dunigan said:

I also love driving, especiallyy off the beaten path. Unfortunately, I usually end up there after getting lost. Maybe not all who wander are lost, but for me, all who are lost, wander.

March 19, 2014at7:29 pm, Pat Mesic said:

I share your joy of driving, you have put into words the way I feel when I travel in my van. I never plan where to go, just point in a direction and make decisions along the way. Making sure to let my family and friends know where I am by way of Facebook. There is nothing to compare that scence of freedom that comes with the open road.

March 19, 2014at7:02 pm, dianekfromohio said:

Amazing video! I only wished you would have captioned where you were so we could add it to our bucket list!! Thank you so much for sharing.

June 24, 2013at5:12 pm, harry salit said:

Hey Mike,
FYI in California you would get a ticket for placing the GPS in the center of the dash. You are allowed to position them in the lower left hand corner & I think the lower right side. And you are not allowed to drive with a dog in the drivers lap!!! I guess you don’t do that….keep up the great work, always enjoy your posts and videos. Please visit California soon.
Harry Salit

June 19, 2013at10:47 am, Campskunk said:

since retiring, we have driven 40,000 miles over three years, and the thing about it is, we haven’t even scratched the surface. there is just SO MUCH out there – down every side road is another completely different experience. often when we find a wonderful spot, i’ll be saying to myself, “we drove RIGHT past here last year…” – no matter how early you start, you’ll never see it all, but time’s a-wasting, you driveway sitters…

June 19, 2013at10:18 am, Karsten Askeland said:

So much to see … so little time. I love to drive as well. North America has so much to offer. Places to see and explore. Hope to meet you and Jennifer some day during my travels across North America in my ERA. 🙂

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