Another reason we like our Roadtrek: Mobility

 Another reason we like our Roadtrek: Mobility
Another reason we like our Roadtrek: Mobility 1
Tai overlooking Lake Michigan from our sand dune at Kirk Park

A couple of times, we've wondered if we were right to have gone with a Class B motor home instead of a much roomier Class A. The truth is, for what we paid for our Roadtrek RS-Adventurous, we could have bought a Class A that is twice as big.

Today, I've realized why a B is so right for us.

I'm writing this from a sand dune overlooking Lake Michigan. Tai is right next to me, enjoying the view. The Roadtrek is parked down below in a picturesque little county park.

We're over here in West Michigan because Jennifer had a seminar she needed to attend in Grand Rapid. Normally, we would have come up the night before and taken a $100 a night hotel room. When you add dinner and breakfast and lunch on to that, lodging and food would have cost close to $200.

Another reason we like our Roadtrek: Mobility 2
Conestoga Campground

Instead, we took the Roadtrek. Using my new Passport America membership, I paid $23 for a normal $46 spot at the Conestoga Campground in Coopersville, a nice, quiet little park on the banks of the Grand River. We were treated to a great sunrise after a very comfortable night in our own bed in the Roadtrek. We prepared our own food in the Roadtrek.

Another reason we like our Roadtrek: Mobility 3
Grand River at Conestoga Campground

Early this morning, I unplugged the electricity at Conestoga and drove Jen into downtown Grand Rapids. That would have been a nightmare in a Class A. But my Roadtrek navigated the big city early morning traffic just fine.

I dropped her off and then, realizing I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted,  drove across town to the American RV/Camping World outlet. At the RV store, I met Bob Wensel, who has sold more Roadtreks than any other salesman in the country. We chatted for a while. I was very impressed with the dealership and Wensel, in particular, who told me American RV was all about relationships, not just sales, as relationships equal long term commitment. I like that. I looked at some Class A's, especially a used Airstream. But as this trip was convincing me anew, a Class B motor home offers the least hassle. My eye settled on a new Roadtrek Popular 210. That would be my choice, if we were to upgrade. I'm pretty much convinced the Roadtrek is unbeatable.

While there, I went inside the Camping World store and bought a new Coleman grill for the Roadtrek and then headed west to the Lake Michigan community of Grand Haven where I turned south and made my way to Kirk Park, half way between Grand Haven and Holland.

Tai and I hiked a trail and made our way to this sand dune, where I will update the blog and read until late afternoon, when it's time to head back to Grand Rapids and pick up Jennifer for the ride home.

There is no room to stick an A in this small little Ottawa county park. The Roadtrek fits in a regular parking spot.

Mobility. That's why someone would choose a Class B over a Class A.

An A is huge. If you want to move around and see the local sights, you need to tow another vehicle. Set up and take down is a chore.

My Roadtrek is maneuverable and highly mobile. It can go pretty much anywhere a car can. Yet in it, we are fully self contained with bath, shower and a king sized bed.

All this is not to say that all of us have different needs and priorities. For Jennifer and I, mobility is a big deal.

Did I tel you that I am averaging 21.6miles to the gallon?

I'm going down to the Roadtrek to make myself a sandwich. Then, I might take a nap up here on the sand dune.



Mike Wendland

Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.


  • Mike, I enjoy reading about your experiences with you Roadtrek. We are heading to the UP again in late August on our way to Manitoba, etc.

    For the past 6 years we have certainly gotten our money’s worth from our PA membership. We use it whenever we can for overnights when traveling from one place to another.

    We all have our personal reasons for choosing makes and models of B’s. Can you elaborate on your’s for choosing a 210 next time over your Sprinter?


  • What is it about the Roadtrek Popular 210 you like most?

  • My favorite is the RS-Adventurous. But it costs about $10K more than a 210 Popular. Plus, my wife is slightly intimidated driving the Sprinter. She’s very comfortable driving the 210 Popular. All things being equal, I’d go with a new RS. But if not that, a 210 would also make me very comfortable.

  • I’ve been reading your blog with interest after spending two years making up our minds leading up to the purchase of a new Montana fifth wheel. We had a 2004 Fleetwood fifth wheel previously. We considered a Winnebago View on the Mercedes chassis. We considered an Airstream trailer, and ultimately decided to stay with our current truck, a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado crew cab with the Duramax Diesel and Allison transmission, and to update to a new fifth wheel.

    I have followed the View/Navion Yahoo forum for two years, and have gained a great appreciation for the Sprinter chassis. I was quite impressed with the chassis when I test drove a View.

    You say the Roadtrek on the Chevy chassis is about $10K less than the RS-Adventurous that you have. In my eyes, you will make that up and maybe more, when you trade or sell it down the road. The M-B will have a significant advantage in (real world) fuel economy, which may be offset in higher maintenance costs. Bottom line, the M-B is a superior vehicle and you probably already know that the Sprinters in Fed-Ex service are running somewhere around 500,000 miles. I found this quote on a forum:

    “On high-mileage routes, FedEx is upgrading vehicles with 4,000 fuel efficient, lower emitting BlueTEC clean diesel Sprinter Vans. Each Sprinter is at least 100% more fuel efficient than the most commonly found alternative it replaces. Since launching our first Sprinter in 2000, we have put close to 1.4 billion miles on these more fuel efficient vehicles, saving over 66 million gallons of fuel compared to their predecessors.”

    10 years ago, we took our first coast to coast trip, with a 97 Dodge truck pulling a 25′ travel trailer. By the time I got to Nebraska, I vowed I would never go west without diesel power again! Whether you buy another Roadtrek, an Airstream Interstate, or Winnebago ERA, the driving characteristics and economy of the M-B chassis can’t be beat!

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