Another reason to choose an RV: No Hotel room E. coli

 Another reason to choose an RV: No Hotel room E. coli

Another reason to choose an RV: No Hotel room E. coli 1Here's another reason to be glad you have an RV to sleep in when on the road.

Thanks to Ron, who posted this ABC News story on the Cyberrally email blast from the Roadtrek International group:

Picking up the remote control in a hotel room may also mean picking  up fecal matter, a new study found.

Researchers from the University of Houston swabbed 19 hotel room  hideouts,  from door handles to headboards, and found the fecal bacterium E.  coli hiding on 81 percent of the surfaces, including the  remote control, the telephone and the bedside lamp.

“Currently, housekeeping practices vary across brands and properties  with little or no standardization industry wide,” Katie Kirsch, an undergraduate  student at the University of Houston and author of the study presented at the General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, said in a statement.

This study “could aid hotels in adopting a proactive approach for reducing  potential hazards and provide a basis for the development of more effective  and efficient housekeeping practices.”

The maid cart may be a villain, and not the hero in the fight against  contamination, according to the study, which found bacteria blooming on mops and sponges used to clean rooms.

It's not just E. coli to be concerned about.

I know of one couple who bought their Roadtrek motorhome because of an incident in which they were infested by bedbugs from a hotel stay. The infestation was brought home in their suitcases and the amount of money spent to rid the pests from their home cost thousands.

Mike Wendland

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