An RV City has formed in Indianapolis

 An RV City has formed in Indianapolis

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Family Motorcoach Association 87th Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Indianapolis. But this is a city. I am surrounded by 1,800 other motorhomes. Some 4,000 people are here. More are expected today when everything officially gets underway.

This is my first time at an RV rally so pardon my open mouth.

It’s huge. And exciting. And a lot of fun.

We arrived here road-weary and in a very dusty Roadtrek after a long 2,500 mile trip west through region after region suffering from a horrible drought. We awoke this morning refreshed and with a clean rig, thanks to a heavy downpour that has to be most welcome to this area, as drought-striken as the rest of the country we’ve seen this month..

We got in just before dark Sunday and were able to visit with several from a Roadtrek group parked not far from our spot. Before turning in for the night, we spend a half hour reading the bag full of information provided by the FMCA on the seminars and exhibitions scheduled here over the next few days, everything from RV travel to places like New Zealand and Alaska, even an African safaris, to the seminar Jennifer and I will be panelists on Tuesday, about downsizing from a Type A to Type B motorhome.

There are nonstop seminars from 9 AM to 5PM every day, in multiple buildings.  From maintaining a motorhome to tire care to plumbing issues and how to keep your batteries in good shape, every possible topic dealing with RV life is being expounded on by experts. Before falling asleep we decided to split up and attend separate sessions to maximize our knowledge acquisition and time.

There’s entertainment, exhibitions by RV manufacturers, a showcase of motorhomes and vendors who sell handy gadgets and gizmos dealing with the RV life.

To tell the truth, I was not very excited about attending an RV rally. I’m more of a loner, an adventurer, a wanderer. I like observing things, taking pictures, making videos, wide open spaces. I like meeting people and hearing interesting stories in one-on-one settings.

But last night, we sat for 45 minutes or so with a bunch of other Roadtrekers. In that brief time, we learned lots of things. Like how putting a man’s stocking around wine bottles lets them be stored in a cabinet without breaking, how to sew a screen for the driver and passenger widows and why, if you run your generator, you should have an extension pipe to vent the exhaust away from your open windows.

The guy next to me in a View Type C is Chuck Woodbury. I’ve read Chuck’s excellent work through the network of RVTravel blogs he has been running fro decades. Here, as fate had it, we ended up rght next to each other in this RV city at the Indiana Fair Grounds. As I  work to establish this blog and forum in the RV community, there could be no grater resource than Chuck.

And, to our surprise, Jennifer and I are very excited to be here. This is much more than a group of over the hill seniors in big RVs playing bingo.

Its a place to learn, to meet others who enjoy the RV lifestyle, to plan future trips and… to take lots of good pictures and make videos… which I’ll start doing as soon as the rain stops.

But yes, somewhere in this vast gathering of RVs, I’m sure there is some group playing bingo.

I haven’t found them yet. Not that I’m looking.


Mike Wendland

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