Aerial shot of FMCA Indy event

We’re about to head home from the Family Motorcoach Association Indianapolis 2012 Reunion. I shot several fun and informative videos I’ll be sharing with you over the next week or so.

But as we get ready to return to Michigan – after three weeks on the road – I wanted to share this cool aerial shot of some of the 1900 RVs parked here.

It was taken with a personal drone, called a quadcopter, owned by David Bott of Besides these shots, i’ll have a video up soon on David and how it all works.

But this photo is too cool not to get up right away.

2 thoughts on “Aerial shot of FMCA Indy event”

  1. Excellent views Mike ! A superb rally….your being there with all the Roadtreks was wonderful !

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