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"campskunk" is a blissfully retired former public servant who has left the challenges of how to run the government to younger and less cynical hands, and wanders the continent in his Roadtrek Class B RV with his wife and cat. In addition to his work in the public sector, he has also at various times been a mechanic and delivery driver, skills which come in handy in his new role. Because his former job involved the forensic evaluation and sometimes the subsequent detention of some not-so-nice people, he uses the name campskunk instead of his legal name on the Internet. His was not the type of job where customer service feedback would be welcome.

Using elevation for perfect weather in New Mexico

We started out for the year in late March, which allowed us to take the more northerly I-40 route across the country instead of the southern border hugging I-10 route. We angled up through Texas, stopping in Crockett to locate the grave of my long-lost great-grandmother, and spent the night in the rich cultural milieu […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: The Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico

Along the Trail of the Mountain Spirits in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico are the fascinating Gila Cliff Dwellings. This site is in the National Forest, and is jointly administered by the Park Service and the Forest Service.  Unlike the ruins at Mesa Verde, these are largely un-excavated and receive relatively few visitors.  […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: New Mexico Mining Museum

On our slow Roadtrek trip southwest following Historic Route 66, we found a listing for the New Mexico Mining Museum in Grants, New Mexico – but we never found any description of the place. One lavish New Mexico booklet urged the reader to “go underground,” but gave no details. We found the modest brown sign […]Read More

RV Trips: New Mexico’s Bluewater Lake State Park

I bought a New Mexico annual camping pass and am continuing to get my money's worth, now up at 7,400 feet in the Zuni Mountains of west-central New Mexico, maybe 80 miles west of Albuquerque on I-40. We've been staying here a few days and really enjoying the late spring weather. It's 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit […]Read More

Manzano Mountains State Park in New Mexico

I just finished a couple of weeks camping up at 7,200 feet in Manzano Mountains State Park, maybe an hour south-southeast of Albuquerque. We stayed until we hit the two-week limit because it was just what we always look for in a camping location – wonderful weather and seclusion in a beautiful setting. Even with […]Read More

Water Canyon Campground in New Mexico’s Magdalena Mountains

The Magdalena Mountains are in west central New Mexico, between Socorro and the Very Large Array. Part of the Cibola National Forest covers this mountain range, so there are about a half dozen National Forest campgrounds sprinkled around this largely undeveloped area. This is a small fault-block range on the west side of the Rio […]Read More

New Mexico State Parks Annual Camping Pass

One of the sweetest deals I've run into in my three years of fulltiming is the New Mexico State Parks annual camping pass.  Annual camping pass? Yep, all the camping you want for a flat fee. It's the only one in the nation that I know about – other states have annual day passes, but […]Read More

RV Podcast Good News: The RV Lifestyle has resumed!

The RV Lifestyle and camping looks different than it does before the lockdown but on this episode of the RV Podcast we have lots of news about the RV Lifestyle resuming. People are out and about in their RVs, and we’re going to report on the RV Podcast about what’s open for camping, what’s not […]Read More

A Week in Our New Leisure Travel Van Unity FX

We've had our new 2019 Leisure Travel Van Unity FX for about a week now, traveling about 1,800 miles through four states and Jen, Bo and I have been slowly getting used to it and the extra room and comforts it provides. The worst part was that we came down with horrendous colds the day […]Read More

RV Podcast Ep 227 – The mistakes RV Newbies Make

Lots of interesting RV information is in this episode of the RV Podcast, including a fun – but instructional – account of a newbie RVer. And in our interview of the week, we’ll meet a man who is following his life’s passion of engineering and building luxury Class B motorhomes, gorgeous custom-made campervans that start […]Read More

New invasive species swimming in those Florida waters

There's the Burmese Python, slithering through the Everglades, out onto the highways across back yards and and onto patios. We've all heard abut them. But there's also the Lionfish, an ominous-looking fish that grows up to a foot in length and has 18 venomous fin spikes. The are all over Florida, first seen back in 2000 on the […]Read More

The Uncertainty of RV Travel in 2021

What a year 2020 has been. We can’t wait till 2021 begins. But that said, there are no guarantees on what RV Travel in 2021 will be like. It promises to still be challenging. Very challenging in certain places. In fact, as we review all the growing travel restrictions, lockdowns and restrictions as we experience […]Read More

RV Destinations: Avoid Crowds at these 8 Great Geological Formations

As the U.S. continues to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, geological formations offer great opportunities for adventures that don’t involve crowds — and for some outstanding RV destinations. I'm talking about geological attractions where you can see formations formed over millions of years due to the impact of factors such as weather, […]Read More

Ultimate Harvest Hosts Review [with VIDEO and PHOTOS]

Thinking about Harvest Hosts? Here's our complete Harvest Hosts Review that shows what it is really like staying there and what kind of different experiences are available. It's October and the northern parts of the country are hitting those spectacular fall colors. If you can get out, fall is a fabulous time to camp!  However, […]Read More