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Glacier National park

Here's the video of our recent Roadtreking gathering at Glacier National Park. We had drama, adventure, excitement, entertainment and even a wilderness Tea complete with fancy hats. Check out this video on our week at Glacier… and while a moose did indeed come very close to us on a hike, the one in the video […]Read More

Why you need to take an RV Photo Trip to Glacier National Park

We're asked all the time what National Park is our favorite and we have to say, when all is said and done, that Glacier National Park is probably our favorite when it comes to dramatic landscapes and the diversity of wildlife. Here’s a video sampling of what we saw and why Glacier is such a special […]Read More

For Your RV Bucket List: Glacier National Park

As we’ve traveled across North America, visiting wilderness areas and National Parks, one park consistently came up at the top of the list of must-visit places suggested by fellow RVers: Glacier National Park in far northwestern Montana. Now that we’ve been there and spent most of a week exploring  this dramatic and spectacular park, we […]Read More

Avoid Crowds at These 10 Stunning U.S. National Parks

RVers are no doubt familiar with the U.S. National Parks, but there are definitely some that are better for avoiding big crowds — something travelers may be interested in more now than ever. But with more than 400 recognized national park areas encompassing more than 84 million acres across the U.S., it can be hard […]Read More

RV Podcast #308: Overnight RV Parking at churches

Tired of noisy Walmarts and crowded CrackerBarrels for your overnight stops? Now you can do Overnight RV Parking at churches where it's quiet, secluded, and safe. This week in the RV podcast interview of the week, we learn all about Faithful Parking, a website that helps RVers find overnight RV parking at churches. Often those […]Read More

10 Most Visited National Parks in 2019

Looking to visit National Parks? Final counts are in and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was the most visited National Park in the U.S. during 2019 — and it wasn't even close.  According to the National Park Service, 12.5 million people visited the Great Smoky Mountains in 2019. The next closest was Grand Canyon […]Read More

10 National Parks Perfect for Spring RVers

Snow is melting and days are slowly becoming longer, as it becomes obvious that spring is right around the corner. It's a time of year that we, and many of our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers, look forward to. And why not? Nature bursts forth with life, plants are in bloom, and everyone is a little more […]Read More

Tips: Best Time of Year to Visit 15 Popular National Parks

When it comes to enjoying the splendor of America's 62 national parks, RVers know there's never a bad time to get out and enjoy them. That being said, we're guessing that many of our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers would be interested in the very best time to visit the parks.  Fortunately, the team at Best […]Read More

Our Top 10 Favorite National Parks of the West

We love National Parks ! We love them so much we can’t begin to rate them because they are so diverse and so wild and beautiful . But we do want to share some of our favorites and we we enjoy them so much. So here is our Top 10 National Parks of the West, […]Read More

Roadtreking’s 2018 Glacier Gathering

All of America's National Parks are treasures. But when it comes to beauty and the sheer drama of the landscape, Glacier National Park has to be at the top of any list. That's why we returned there with one of our Roadtreking gatherings for the second year in a row, staying at the Chewing Blackbones […]Read More

Our Glacier gathering starts today

Here's our LIVE “Ask Us Anything” streaming video from last night at our Roadtreking Glacier National Park Photo Safari gathering. We recorded it from our spot in the Chewing Blackbones RV Resort, right outside the Many Glaciers entry to this amazing park.  We'll be here all week and we've pretty much taken over this […]Read More

RV Podcast #182: Our National Parks are in Crisis

There’s a good news/bad news story about our U.S National Parks that you need to know about. The good news is the parks have never been more popular and attendance continues at all-time high. Unfortunately, though, the bad news is so bad that it is jeopardizing our much-loved National Parks. Devastating budget cutbacks, staff reductions, […]Read More

Lake Louise and Banff National Park in Canada: RV Bucket List

Lake Louise is in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada, and known for its turquoise, glacier-fed waters ringed by high peaks that make for postcard-like photographs. Beautiful it is. Here's a video teezer that shows why this belongs on every RVers bucket list. But in summer, it’s also crowded. Really crowded. Frankly, we weren’t prepared […]Read More

National Bison Range is Perfect for a Class B RV Visit

The story of the American bison is one of the most sad and captivating episodes in U.S. history. Once thought to be limitless in number – an estimated 50 million ranged across North America before European settlement – they were hunted to near extinction in the late 1800's. Greed by hunters and a calculated political […]Read More