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Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.

Mackinac Island in the fall

Every fall, we head to Mackinac Island for a long weekend with the family. We love the island in the summer, of course. It is, after all, thanks largely to the marketing efforts of the verable and elegant Grand Hotel, known as America's Summer Place. But a week or so before it shuts down for […]Read More

Mackinac Island: Our favorite getaway

There are no motorized vehicles allowed and no places to camp but this beautiful island in the Straits of Mackinac between Michigan's two peninsulas has been calling Jennifer and me for nearly half a century. We took all our kids here starting when they were babies and we keep coming back year after year, now with […]Read More

Our love affair with Mackinac Island

For the better part of four decades, there is one place that has lured Jennifer and me back again and again, multiple times each year: Mackinac Island, located in Lake Huron, at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac, between the state's Upper and Lower Peninsulas. It's a place where motor vehicles are prohibited […]Read More

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge in an RV

Spanning the two Michigan peninsulas is the Mackinac Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere . It is always a highlight of our trips to the Upper Peninsula. When you say “Big Mac” to a Michigander, the bridge is what they think of, not the hamburger. Counting the approaches, the bridge is five […]Read More

The UP in Fall: In Full Color [WITH AWESOME VIDEO]

The UP in fall is an experience that belongs on every RVers bucketlist. We couldn't have timed it any better. Our fall trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the first two weeks of October was peak time for fall color. And although the last few days of or explorations out there saw a […]Read More

Where to find FREE or Cheap RV Sites Camping (2021)

Here's a HUGE list of Free or Cheap RV Sites & Camping Locations! This has been a crazy year for RVers. With so many newbies turning to RVing and Camping because of COVID-19 concerns, campgrounds have become overcrowded and overpriced. 2021 is going to be even more crazy busy! Frankly, given the current state of […]Read More

Legendary RV Destinations: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Whether seeking to escape the heat, check out amazing fall colors, or take a unique winter adventure, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has plenty to offer — especially Munising and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the UP. Something just happens when you drive across the five miles of the Mackinac Bridge and find yourself in the […]Read More

10 Spectacular Campgrounds in the UP [Michigan Upper Peninsula]

Thinking about a visit to the Michigan Upper Peninsula? Here are 10 spectacular campgrounds in the UP. Jennifer and I absolutely love the Michigans Upper Peninsula. Some people call it “God's Country” and we have to agree. It's that spectacular. The shores of three Great Lakes (Michigan, Huron, and Superior) encircle it and there are […]Read More

RV Podcast 305: What RV travel during COVID is REALLY like

This week in the RV Podcast, we hear what RV travel during COVID is like. RVers from across North America candidly share their experiences, what was open, what was closed, how welcome they were, and what it’s like trying to do the RV Lifestyle in these challenging times.  This week in our interview of the […]Read More

8 Best Bike Trails In The U.S.

America has some of the best bike trails in the world And that's great news for our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers who love to explore the world on two wheels. Whether you prefer challenging, mountainous terrain on a mountain bike, miles of winding pavement on a road bike, or just some easy, casual trails with […]Read More

5 Former National Parks to Visit

RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers know how lucky the U.S. is to have a National Parks Service that lets them get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful locations in North America.  We write about them often — highlighting the best parks in the west, the best parks in the winter,  and the […]Read More

There’s always a Way!

This week in Episode 266 of the RV Podcast, we’ll meet Len and Sherrie Johnson, a remarkable California couple with quite a story to tell us, a story of a devastating injury from an airplane crash and a determination to embrace the RV Lifestyle afterwards despite the obstacles. You’ll be inspired by this couple! But […]Read More

Making the RV Lifestyle a Reality

This week, we have lots of RV news for you, plus an interview with one of the organizers of an event called Fulltime Freedom Week that brings together more than 30 top RVers to help teach you what you need yo totally embrace the RV Lifestyle, whether as a fulltimer or a successful vacation and […]Read More

Meet North America’s Most Popular RV Salesman

This week, we talk to RV salesman who has become a celebrity video star with a huge following you’d never have expected from the first video shot almost a decade ago He is Dean Corrigal, from Leisure Travel Vans, who shares with us how he became a YouTube star in his own right and therefore […]Read More

7 Biggest Lakes in the U.S.

As Michiganders, we hold a special place in our hearts for the lakes of the U.S. and Canada.  Of course, we’re especially partial to the Great Lakes, but there are many, many others. When it comes to sheer size of the bodies of water, the team at Travel Trivia recently broke down a list of […]Read More

8 U.S. cities with perfect weather in June

Ahhh, June. Summer’s eve. Temperatures are generally moderate across much of the country. (OK, I said generally.) Warm, sunny days paired with cool, pleasant evenings make it the perfect time to RV and camp. But if you’re wondering which direction to head, we have you covered with this list of the eight cities with perfect […]Read More

Driving in a Blizzard

We have officially had our fill with winter.  It's time to move on – to Florida for starters. We just returned from a 1,200 mile trip from Manitoba to Michigan and experienced snow and sub-zero temperatures the entire route. I thought I had seen blizzards before. But the one we drove through from the Manitoba […]Read More

RV Podcast Ep 226: When a hurricane hits your RV

Imagine that you are about to retire. In the driveway, is a brand-new RV. Your dream machine. The Florida sun is shining, and life looks good…until you look out over the Gulf of Mexico to see a hurricane named Michael barreling down towards you. That’s what happened to a couple we met this week, who […]Read More