5 U.S. Destinations with Perfect September Weather

 5 U.S. Destinations with Perfect September Weather

Don’t look now but we’re a little over a week into September — one of the best months for RVing and travel in general.

Gone are the huge crowds as all those kids are back in school and many, many people are busy with academic-, sports-, and/or arts-related obligations.

Of course you can get the best of summer and autumn as temps swing (sometimes quite wildly) from bathing suit to favorite sweater levels. The folks at TravelTrivia.com put together a list of the “5 U.S. Cities With Perfect Weather in September.” To make things easy, I broke down the list below:

  1. San Diego, California

Yes, San Diego was in the list of locations for perfect weather in June, but what can I say when average high temps year-round in San Diego are in the mid-60s to mid-70s? Average temps are in the mid-70s during the day, dropping to the 60s at night. Beaches are far from busy. Surfers might want to take advantage of the Santa Ana winds kicking up perfect waves. Be sure to check out the RVLifestyle feature from contributor Janet Arnold called “Southern California attractions for the RVer” that talks specifically about San Diego and the surrounding area.

5 U.S. Destinations with Perfect September Weather 1
San Diego from Point Loma
  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Another locale from the June list. But New Mexico’s capital city in the northern part of the state is beautiful in September — as in you will likely want to be outside every possible moment you are able to take advantage of temps that generally don’t get out of the 80s. SantaFe.com details more than 400 miles of hiking and biking trails. And RVLifestyle has written about numerous other attractions in the state, including the Gila Cliff Dwellings, the New Mexico Mining MuseumBluewater Lake State ParkManzano Mountains State ParkWater Canyon CampgroundRockhound State Park, and more. Average highs are 83 degrees Fahrenheit, lows are 50 degrees Fahrenheit with an average three days of rain for the month.

5 U.S. Destinations with Perfect September Weather 2
The view up Water Canyon from the campground.
  1. Denver, Colorado

Crisp autumn weather and gorgeous foliage, await those who head to Denver, Colorado, for a September getaway. Among other things, you'll have fewer crowds with the summer tourists cleared out and snow-loving sports enthusiasts not yet making their way into the city.

September also is the perfect month for hiking in the mountains, with average temperatures in the 70s. Later in September, you'll notice the temperature dropping into the 60s. You might even see a snow flurry or two, especially in the mountains, as lows can get into the 30s, so make sure to dress in layers and pack accordingly.

In September, it's also home to some of the best beer festivals in the country. You'll want to check out Denver Oktoberfest during the last two weekends of the month. This event has the distinction of being the best Oktoberfest in the country. It nicely coincides with Denver Beer Week, which takes place the last week of the month.

  1. Portland, Maine

Looking for fall foliage in all its glory? Hit the East Coast. Specifically, Portland, Maine. Portland in the fall is what autumn is supposed to look like. Because it's so far north, the leaves change colors earlier than in other parts of the country. Temps gradually drop throughout the month, and by the end of September, Portland is rainier and cooler, with average highs only in the 50s.

There’s other stuff to do, too, such as Family Harvest Days at the end of the month. The traditional festival features artisans, a petting zoo, and plenty of fun activities for kids of all ages. It takes place in Boothbay Railway Village — one stop of many on Maine's Pumpkin Trail. Follow the trail for 40 miles of beautiful scenery plus a multitude of events, attractions, and activities that will get you in the mood for fall.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

As TravelTriva.com puts it, Boston is a city that comes to life in the fall. High temps hover in the 60s to 70s throughout the month. You can comfortably tour the city or visit all the historic sites (including some of the oldest streets in the country) without enduring sweltering heat or bitter cold. Like all the other places on this list, you'll enjoy fewer crowds and gorgeous foliage along the way. Also, September is a great time to take a boat ride on the harbor for a great view of the city. Just remember your light jacket since the wind coming off the water can be chilly.

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