Year: <span>2020</span>

The RV Podcast Meets Traveling Robert

This week on our RV Podcast interview of the week, we're going to continue our series of talking to other YouTubers and other bloggers who are out there covering the RV lifestyle. And I'm really excited to bring on as our special guest this week – Traveling Robert. He'll share his story and you'll get […]Read More

Tips: Best Time of Year to Visit 15 Popular National Parks

When it comes to enjoying the splendor of America's 62 national parks, RVers know there's never a bad time to get out and enjoy them. That being said, we're guessing that many of our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers would be interested in the very best time to visit the parks.  Fortunately, the team at Best […]Read More

Camping fun in the snow

We had a ball camping in the snow in the rugged Upper Peninsula of Michigan at our annual winter campout this year. Twenty inches were on the ground, but the Michigan DNR folks had all our spots plowed out for us. Each site had electricity and everyone slept warm and cozy. Outside, we had a […]Read More

Chicken Casserole Ole’

This casserole assembles quickly and can be a ‘Make Ahead' dish for a camping adventure or put together quickly at your camping destination if you have a convection oven, toaster oven or a heavy cast iron skillet available. The flavor combinations make for a great tasting, satisfying meal and the leftovers freeze well for up […]Read More

Every place has a story

Our guests this week are Tom and Patti Burkett, who share with us how they find all those fascinating off-the-beaten-path stories Show Notes for Episode #276 Jan. 15, 2019 of The RV Podcast: WHAT MIKE AND JENNIFER ARE UP TO THIS WEEK We’re recording this podcast at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. […]Read More

Meet the RVing Couple Who Prove There’s Always a Way

The next time you find yourself making excuses not to get out and fully embrace the freedom afforded by the RV lifestyle, I recommend thinking of Len and Sherrie Johnson. The reason is simple: Facing what many would consider obstacles, the couple goes undeterred in embracing the RV lifestyle. What kind of challenges am I […]Read More

Best Road Trips in the Midwest

The Midwest portion of the U.S. is often called Flyover Country, but make no mistake, this region is gorgeous from the ground — and that means a lot of great RVing opportunities.. Miles of sun-kissed farmland and crystal clear lakes frame the view out your windshield while some of the slower scenic routes — from […]Read More

The tools and resources we use to plan our RV trips

Many of you have asked.. how do we find all those great sites, have all those great adventures… as we travel around in our RV. Though we are big believers in serendipity… taking advantage of what suddenly comes our way and not being locked into an inflexible schedule… we also do our share of planning. […]Read More

5 Things to Know About White Sands National Park

White Sands National Park is one of the newer national parks in the U.S. Rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin is one of the world's great natural wonders – the glistening white sands of New Mexico. Great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert, creating the world's largest […]Read More

Instant Pot Mango Chicken Chutney Risotto

RVers love their Instant Pots. Here is an updated recipe I came up with for my 6 quart Instant Pot… Minimal ingredients and a delicious meal that you can enjoy a couple of nights while camping! Serves 4  Ingredients 1                            boneless, skinless […]Read More

RV Bucket List Destinations for 2020

This week in the RV Podcast, we present the 2020 RV Bucket list. Each year at this time we ask our audience to call in and leave us a message about their RV travel plans for the New Year. And we have a lively assortment of them to play for you in the Interview of […]Read More

10 Romantic Road Trips for RVing Couples

Nothing brings two people together quite like being on a big RVing road trip and discovering America’s most beautiful attractions as a couple. Luckily, the U.S. is home to thousands of miles of scenic roadways with numerous national parks, beaches, and mountain vistas along the way. For the ultimate bonding experience, gather your favorite road […]Read More

Instant Hot Water for RV showers is luxurious

True confession time. In our previous Class B campervan RVs, we very seldom used the wet showers than came with them. For one, the showers got the whole bathroom wet, which was a pain to dry off. For another, they wasted a lot of water as you waited for the traditional RV water heaters to […]Read More

Beef Tenderloin Sandwich with blue cheese

How do you stretch a meal and make leftovers terrific and taste like a million!  Here is what I did this week. You can also try this in your RV to get three meals. I purchased a beef tenderloin at 50% off from the market,  made a roast the first night which I topped with […]Read More

RV Travel when you are all alone

Welcome to another edition of the RV  Podcast – Your Guide to Freedom and Fun through RV Travel.  This week we meet a remarkable woman, Carolyn Rose of the YouTube Channel Carolyn’s RV Life. Carolyn left a big corporate job in the city for a life mostly spent in the boonies, traveling alone in her RV, to […]Read More

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