Year: <span>2019</span>

Free Entrance Days in the National Parks for 2020

The National Park Service has announced its free entrance days for 2020, starting with one that's right around the corner.  Per the service, parks that normally charge an entrance fee (ranging from $3 to $35) will offer free admission to all visitors on the five days, which are: January 20: Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. […]Read More

NFL Player, Wife Embrace RV Lifestyle

A professional football player on the Baltimore Ravens may be headed to the Super Bowl, but will definitely be hitting the road in February for a cross-country RV trip with his wife. However, living life in an RV won’t exactly be a new experience for Baltimore Ravens starting left guard Bradley Bozeman and his wife, […]Read More

4 U.S. Cities Expected to Be Popular in 2020

Many RVers are making their plans for 2020 and beyond and for good reason: nothing beats exploring what the U.S. has to offer our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers.  If you need proof, consider this: in 2018, domestic travelers spent an eye-popping $933 billion dollars in the United States. Additionally, Americans logged 1.8 billion trips for leisure purposes […]Read More

What worked, what didn’t in our RV Life for 2019

At the close of every year, before we plot out our adventures for the new one just around the corner, we like to review the past 12 months of travel, learning from all those experiences we’ve had on the road – the good and the bad. Truth of the matter is that it’s hard to […]Read More

Baked Beef Short Ribs

  While checking out the Manager's Special in the 30% – 50% off section at the meat department, my eye caught a glimpse of a recently reduced package containing 5 beef short ribs.  I wanted to prepare a simple meal without a lot of fuss… so I tossed the package of short ribs into my […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: Asheville’s Pinball Museum

By Tom and Patty Burkett We recently saw “Rocketman,” the Elton John biopic, and in one of the grand scenes he’s sitting at the the piano on a rotating stage playing Pinball Wizard.  Bells were dinging and that characteristic sound of metal balls bouncing off electric bumpers was everywhere when we stepped into the Pinball Museum in Asheville, […]Read More

10 National Park Adventures Perfect for Winter

When it comes to national park adventures, winter pursuits can be just as thrilling for many than summer ventures. Whether you're in the mood for downhill ski runs or the quiet bliss of solitude in a please-let-there-be-no-cell-service zone, America’s Best Idea has something for everyone, regardless of where you fall on the ideal Fahrenheit-reading spectrum. Below,are to great wintertime […]Read More

What to Know About RV Financing

Buying an RV is the second most expensive purchase most of us will make in a lifetime, second only to the cost of a home. Financing an RV, be it new or used, is the way most people can swing it. But there are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to RV […]Read More

Top 10 U.S. Tourist Attractions

Many of our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers are no doubt making plans for the new year, mapping out exciting trips to see new things and rack up unique experiences.  However, with so many great options out there, plotting out a plan can get overwhelming pretty fast.  Fortunately, there are plenty of lists to help, including […]Read More

Homemade Caramels

   Folks ask, can you make homemade candy for Holiday gifts easily in a Small Kitchen or RV Galley and get Big Flavors??? The answer is YES.  This recipe relies on the use of a microwave oven, a 2 quart microwave safe glass measuring cup and a heat tolerant spatula. Makes about 150 individual caramels […]Read More

AT&T abruptly pulls plug on Togo $360 deal for RVers

With no notice, AT&T delivered a nasty Christmas lump of coal to RVers who had signed up for that $360 annual plan for unlimited 4G LTE service via the Togo Roadlink C2 wifi extender and cellular hotspot. It obviously caught the Togo people off guard, too, as here's their official announcement: “AT&T has informed Togo […]Read More

Keep Your Daydream and RV with Teenagers

Our guests in RV Podcast Episode 273 are Marc and Trish of Keep Your Daydream (see who share the joys and challenges of RV Life with teenagers. We talk about education on the road, earning an income as a fulltime RV traveler and getting along, having fun and experiencing all the joys that come […]Read More

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