Year: <span>2014</span>

RV Driveway Camping Etiquette Tips

RVs are great things to have when you visit friends and relatives, especially Class Bs, because you can “driveway camp” and have your own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, TV, etc. while still socializing with your host. Rather than schlep all your stuff inside and take your chances with the mattress in the guest bedroom, you're comfortable […]Read More

012 Roadtreking Podcast: A B is a B unless it’s a B+

We continue our special coverage of the 2014 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY with a series of interviews and reports about the latest trends in the RV industry. In Episode 12 we learn a lot about the Class B motorhome market, and get a special one-on-one your of the new Leisure Travel Vans […]Read More

How the Roadtreking Podcast Gets to You: My Mobile Studio

The Roadtreking RV Podcast now has a mobile studio: Our Roadtrek Class B RV. Forgive me if this is too technical. If it is, just pass on by. I'm writing this and showing the accompanying video by request, from some of my Roadtreking RV Podcast listeners and from several other podcasters, who wanted to see […]Read More

RV Memories Abound: More to be Made

And the days dwindle down. Here it is: November is ending. It's time time to bring on December.  Where did 2014 go? It went by in about 40,000 miles, that's where. From Cape Cod to the Pacific Northwest, the northern Lake Superior shore in Minnesota to the Florida Keys. We drove more than 5,000 miles, […]Read More

Quick Guide: Winter Roadtreking

Humpf!  The muffled noise stirred Lynn to full consciousness. Actually, she was only half asleep, having previously woken up cold and tried to roll over, but discovered she was pinned on her left side by one dog curled against her chest and another behind her knees. The 27-inch wide “single” beds in the Roadtrek were […]Read More

009 Roadtreking RV Podcast: Top Questions From RVers

RVers sure have a lot of questions. We answer a bunch of them in this edition of the podcast. When it comes to technology questions, nobody answers them better than Jim and Chris Guld, the Geeks on Tour, a husband-wife team who travel full-time across North America giving technology seminars to RVers and rallies and […]Read More

Housesitting – A Full-timer Looks at How the Other 99 Percent Live

I'm down in Florida visiting my family for the holidays as I have done for the fifth time since I started full-timing in August of 2010, but instead of driveway camping like I usually do, there's a difference this time — nobody's home inside. My sister is in Japan for a month having her first […]Read More

Quick Guide: Help! I’m Surrounded by Gross Stuff!

RVers encounter some pretty nasty stuff. Dumping those grey and black tanks. Campground and rest area bathrooms. Dirty firepits. Road grime on doors and latches. Some yucky stuff can live in those places. Bacteria. Viruses. Spores. Germs. Microorganisms. They have all sure been in the news lately. And while not all of them can make […]Read More

Laura’s 8 Reasons to RV Rally

Recently, after my 2 week, unplanned, solo trip to the Black Hills, I tried something new. I attended my first Roadtrek International rally.  It was a smallish (under 50 people), Region 7 rally held in Hutchinson, KS which is not far from my home in Kansas City.  I thought I would zip over, since I […]Read More

008 Roadtreking Podcast: How to be a Happy Workamper

Here it is, Episode 008 of the Podcast. We cover a lot of ground this week, including a couple of reports from Kitchener, ON Canada, and the headquarters of Roadtrek Motorhomes, But along with reader feedback, a review of a great tech gizmo for RVers, some Q&A about batteries and our bucket list destination of […]Read More

Roadtrek adds new Class B RV model on the ProMaster Chassis

At the Roadtrek Motorhome factory in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada the other day, I was able to get some details and video of a brand new model that will be built on the ProMaster chassis used around the world as a rugged and reliable cargo van. This new ProMaster RV model will most definitely not look […]Read More

10 Uber Cool Products for the RV

It’s cold here in Kansas City. So I’m inside the house, decluttering drawers and closets, working on overdue projects, catching up on TV shows and surfing the web. Recently, I came across a great site called Dornob and do they have some neat-o designs!!!!  Some of these are probably useful for the trendy RVer, and […]Read More

Sneak Peak at Our Next RV

Jennifer and I are super geeked. We will soon have a brand new Roadtrek. This decision has been a long time in the making. But our love for off-the-grid boondocking and the new innovations in Roadtrek technology – plus an unbeatable deal from American RV in Grand Rapids, MI – led me to the Roadtrek […]Read More

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