Year: <span>2013</span>

My Roadtreking year in review in 30 seconds

I had 2,274 “keeper” photos taken last year from our 35,000 miles of Roadtreking about North America. So it was no small challenge to select the highlights. And then, thanks to a very fun app for the iPhone called Flipagram, to have them play in a 30-second slideshow. If you count, that's 170 photos that […]Read More

Florida Winter Camping

As a native Floridian, I'm in a good position to jump on targets of opportunity that pop up over the winter here, and I just snagged three nights at one of the most coveted camping locations in the Sunshine State – Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreational Area. Here's a photo of our setup at the […]Read More

And we’re off: Escape from the snow

There was another half inch of snow last night, adding to the considerable accumulation that has piled up outside our Michigan home. We got hit with about six inches last weekend, then an inch or two on the following few nights. But this morning, I didn't care. We were outta there. By Findlay Ohio headed […]Read More

My new Roadtreking Tech Tool: A Phantom 2 Drone

I've messed around with some low end flying helicopters before and found them to be lots of fun. But I've just, gulp, added a big ticket item to my photographic and video arsenal of tools to be used while Roadtreking: A Phantom 2 drone. I'll be using it for AVC, or aerial video cinematography. It's […]Read More

Organizing your RV Exterior Storage

Roadtreks are blessed with lots of storage, but unless you keep it organized there will never be enough space.  The older Roadtreks have one or more compartments with a fiberglass door and a rubber hinge.  By the way – keep an eye on that hinge.  They will eventually fail, and it is best to have […]Read More

National Parks: Free admission days and senior bargains

Our favorite RVing destinations are America's National Parks. There are 59 of them, as well as 350 plus other “units” that make up the entire system, including monuments and seashores and preserves. Most charge admission entrance fees but for 2014, the parks service has announced nine days for which there will be no admission charged. […]Read More

I Hate Cold Weather

As a fulltimer, I am not in the habit of putting up with bad weather. As I have written before, I usually travel around the continent in a route designed to give me pleasant temperatures twelve months of the year. However, that silver-tongued devil, Jim Hammill, talked me into coming to Kitchener, Ontario for some […]Read More

What are your Roadtreking holiday plans?

As Christmas approaches, RVers across North America are looking forward to special time with friends and family. I've been out and about over the past few days crossing over a couple of interstates and see a lot of RVs moving about to get where they need to be for the holidays ahead. Jennifer and I […]Read More

A year in my Roadtrek

It's that time of year when we look back at the year now ending. For me, 2013 ended up being a great year for me after a rocky start. My step-father died Dec. 30th. He was a great man who had raised me since I was 9 years old.  I also had some mysterious tumors in […]Read More

My RV has turned into an igloo

This is only temporary. That's what I keep telling myself when I look out in in my snowy Michigan driveway and instead of seeing our Roadtrek eTrek out there, we only see an igloo. Look for yourself at the accompanying photos. We got our first big snow over the weekend and while it indeed is […]Read More

My Roadtrek As a Second Car

About a month ago my Subaru met up with a Jeep in a parking lot down by the beach. It was a little too close. Bummer. Now my Subaru is in the body shop getting some work done so she can be spiffy and new again. I love my Subaru. While my car is getting […]Read More

Cool app for RVers: Voyzee

Taking “selfies” and sharing photos and videos with our smartphones is worldwide phenomenon these days and there are lots of apps available to help you take them and share them. But one in particular stands out to me for RV use. It's called Voyzee and as you can see in the accompanying video, it lets […]Read More

Stor N Boat cargo carrier doubles as a boat

This is pretty cool: A cargo container that fits in the two-inch trailer hitch connection at the back of an RV that doubles as a boat. I ran into the Stor N Boat system at the recent Recreational Vehicle Industry Association trade show in Louisville had thought it worthy of a quick video. The idea […]Read More

Replacing Engine Accessory Components

I have had my 2003 Chevy Roadtrek for seven years and 113,000 miles now, and I have no complaints about the engine and transmission. All those years and miles, and I've never put a wrench on either, except for maintenance. What I have had to do, however, is replace some of the accessory drive components. […]Read More

We’re not fulltimers, but we sure are close to it

I'll say one thing about our traveling this past year: No dust is gathering under the RV. We received our new 2013 Roadtrek eTrek one year ago, in December 2012. When I pulled into the driveway Thursday night after returning from an RV trade show in Louisville, the odometer read 34,156 miles. We take off […]Read More

The reasons behind the booming small motorhome market

Type B's and C's, the smaller versions of the rapidly growing motorhome market, are leading the way in the dramatic turnaround in the RV industry thanks to the ever growing number of Baby Boomer retirees used to active, mobile lifestyles. I've spent much of the past week here at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association's annual […]Read More

A look at the new Roadtrek TS Adventurous

At the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Trade Show in Louisville this week, Jennifer and I got to spend some time in Roadtrek Motorhomes' brand new TS Adventurous – a high end model for 2014 built on the full sized Sprinter platform. This gorgeous new addition to the Roadtrek lineup is tricked out with a new […]Read More

Sneak Peek at National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY

The annual Recreation Vehicle Industry Association trade show in Louisville is the big one for the RV industry, providing a sneak peek at what’s new aimed at dealers and industry insiders to help them get ready for the next year. Held at the Massive Kentucky Exposition Center, this year's 51st  edition of the show opens […]Read More