2013 Type B motorhomes

 2013 Type B motorhomes

The Motorhome Showcase opens tonight at the Family Motorcoach Association’s 87th Reunion in Indianapolis but we got a sneak peek at the 2013 motorhomes to be displayed this week.

Naturally, we first headed for the Roadtrek display. They have several new 2013 models ready to show off.

Next month at America’s Biggest RV Show in Hershey, PA, Roadtrek President Jim Hammill has announced that an all new Roadtrek model will be introduced. “This product will redefine the traditional Class B Motorhome, and keep Roadtrek in the forefront of the marketplace,” insists Hammill.

But what will it be? He is holding details close to the vest, except to say: “We think people are ready for more than the traditional RV. We think you folks want a modern, engineered unit that uses technology that is modern and new. We think you want something better. That protects the world and is responsible. And practical.”

Here in Indianapolis, Roadtrek is showing off the RS-Adventurous, the SS, the 210, 190 and the Ranger.

The Type B display has exhibits by Airstream, showing off their Sprinter models. And there are some B-plus and C’s. But most of the motorhomes being displayed are Type As, and all of the major manufacturers are here. I didn’t see anything here from Type B makers Pleasure Way or Leisure Travel Vans.

Here’s some photos, first off the Roadtrek models, then some of the other more interesting RVs.

The top of the line 2013 Roadtrek RS-Adventurus
The 2013 Roadtrek SS (for Short Sprinter)
The 2013 Roadtrek 210



The 2013 Roadtrek 190


The new 2013 Roadtrek Ranger
This is a Type B 4×4 called the Tiger. Kind of cool
They’re billing these 4×4 RVs as “Adventure Vehicles”
Airstream’s Sprinter RV
Here’s a view down one of the main aisles of all the Type As

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  • Thank you for the great report … the Tiger looks very interesting and an other option to check out, how is the space inside?

  • I’ll get some video of it tonight for you

  • Great thank you Mike! 🙂

  • Mike, I’m curious… Did you check out the Chevy’s before deciding on the RS? What did you think of the Popular series if you did? And how did you wife like the bed after adding the egg crates over the long term?
    Thanks again for the articles and the awesome pictures! I truly enjoyed them!

  • We chose the RS because of head room and size but it was a very close contest between the 210 and the RS. Jennifer prefers driving the 210…that extra height in the RS makes it a tad more susceptible to swaying when big trucks pass or catch you in their slipstream. When we update, it will be either a new RS or 210, still unsure. We added a king pillow topper to the bed, not an eggshell topper. Very comfortable. We’re giving lots of tours of our Roadtrek at the FMCA convention in Indianapolis this week 🙂

  • Thanks Mike for responding! I wondered about how the RS would handle when encountering 18 wheelers on the road. Enjoy Indy and again you have been a big help!

  • I just ordered something called Steer Safe. It’s a steering stabilized that supposedly reduces the effects of high winds and big truck downdrafts by 50 to 75%. It costs $400 installed and they are doing so on my 2006 rig at 8AM Sunday.

  • Hi Mike…..your coverage of the FMCA new coach extravaganza was well done…..

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